”Payment after death” .. a strange offer for a pizza company

strange offer for a pizza company

A chain of pizza branches in New Zealand launched a strange offer for its customers, which is to get them pizza, and pay for it after death.

And the Indian ndtv channel reported that Hell Kitchen launched a new campaign under the slogan “Buy now, pay later”, which is to deliver pizza to customers, while collecting its price through a will indicating the obligation to pay after they die.

The campaign confirmed that there are no late fees, fines or interest on late payments.

But only 666 customers will enjoy this service, who will sign a legally binding contract.

The company released a promotional clip for this strange payment scheme on its official YouTube channel.

In the video, a delivery worker, accompanied by a lawyer, appears, as he delivers pizza to customers, and asks them to sign an agreement between the two parties that allows pizza lovers to buy it, provided that they pay for it after their death, which surprised them, but they eventually agreed.

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