Generally speaking, a pearl pigment is more complex than regular colorants. And because of the various pearlescent pigments’ grades available, users can opt from an almost unlimited range of color combinations and special effects. Iridescence, luminescence or the possibility to shift color as viewing angle changes are all core features of any pearl pigment powder.

Why is pearl pigment applied to plastic?

Pearlescent pigments are great to be used in both transparent and semi-transparent plastic polymers through an injection, extrusion, or blowing/molding process.

The main reason why pearl pigments are used with plastic is that they provide a unique chrome and fancy visual effect to the final item. They are commonly found in packages designed for cosmetics and beauty products, food, electronics, toys, and others from different categories.

A pearl pigment applied to plastic can result in products with a multi-angle attractive color, along with improved quality, and a boosted visual effect. As we all know, pearlescent plastic comes with either a metallic pearl or a natural pearl soft effect.

There is a high demand for the production of different plastics used in a variety of colors. Pearl pigments represent a non-toxic and green option, in line with the international standards.

The best pearl pigment supplier

Pearl Pigment and Plastics

When it comes to choosing a pearl pigment supplier, you should take into account their expertise and experience in this field. A pearlescent pigment supplier will be able to offer top-notch products that are safe and lead to an excellent result.

Yortay is one of the major pearl pigment suppliers and they have collaborated with companies from over 50 countries all over the world. Yortay offers its services and products to customers from a whole plethora of industries, including global coatings, inks, plastics, printing or dyeing; they all need the fines pearl pigment powder, and that is why they know they can count on Yortay.

Pearlescent pigment and plastic

Yortay distributes a range of products specially designed for plastic colors. Yortay Pearlescent Pigments come with distinct features, such as conventional pearl pigments and special effects pearl pigments. However, all-plastic colors distributed by this manufacturer are designed with a high-hiding power that ultimately creates good dispersion and shining results.

Here are some of the main features of Yortay Plastic colors:

· It is a pigment which is extremely durable. It is resistant to corrosion and that is why it is not easily damaged;

· It comes with high-temperature resistance, allowing users to mould it effortlessly in several plastic products;

· It offers qualitative finishes to any plastic item and it creates an eye-pleasing gloss;

· It is practical and highly adaptable to specific plastic materials;

· It is durable due to the quality of pearl pigment powder used.


Pearlescent pigments are great for personalizing products according to a brand’s style and voice. Distinct coloring can ease the selling process, as in the world of marketing the visual effect is what makes the difference between a good or a bad sales report. If you design a plastic package with pearl pigments, you will be able to tailor it to the special characteristics of each item. This will make a huge difference both for your brand and for your customers.


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