In our whole lifetime, we celebrate certain occasions that become the core part of our living. Those moments are so special, that every year we celebrate them to keep it closer to our heart-beats. One of them is marriage. Every year, we celebrate the vows to bring each other closer. With the passing years, the anniversary celebrations make our wedding go deeper in our hearts from our lives. A celebration means a cake. There are varieties of cakes available, but some of them are trending to be popular. Here is a list of perfect anniversary cake ideas.

1. Heart – Shape Red Velvet Cake:

Two main things matter the most. One is the flavor and second is the shape of the cake. Flavors can best be described as the couple’s choice. But if you go for the most popular anniversary cake flavors, then red velvet cake tops the list. It is the ripe strawberry flavor cake that not just only tastes well; additionally, it makes great color as well. And when it comes to the occasion of love, the heart is the best shape. So, a heart-shaped red velvet cake will make the couple go above the moon in happiness.

2. Couple Photo Cake:

Among the trending flavors and shapes of cakes for anniversary, a photo-cake is a recent addition. This cake idea makes the cake personalized for the celebration. When you order cake online from the online gift shop, you can give the experts the picture you want as the surface of the cake. It has to be a couple’s photo from good old times with a happy anniversary message written on it. And if it is a surprise, it can be one of the best surprises for them on their special day.

3. 3-tier cake:

This is usually a big cake for a celebration of the anniversary. If you are inviting a list full of people, then a bigger cake is important. These three-tier cakes are of various types. You can order them from the same flavor. Also, there are blending cakes as well where the different layers are of different flavors. Before ordering the cake, make sure the flavors are the couple’s favorite. Tier cakes are mainly customizable as the number of layers can vary according to the strength of the invitation list. Such a cake adds a perfect notion to the anniversary celebrations.

However, creating a 3-tier cake is a challenging and difficult process. There are not a lot of bakeries or cake shops, which have the expertise of executing such a masterful cake design. This is why it is best to take help from some of the most reputed cake delivery Dubai bakeries to help you with your 3-tier cake. You also need to understand that the cake should not be damaged during transit. You do not want to see a tangled mess once you receive your cake.

4. Monogram Cake:

Monogram cake is another customizable cake idea that is personalized. Monogram cakes have the couple’s initials at the top of the cake. Here, you can choose everything- the flavor of the cake, the number of layers, the decors; the design of the cake along with the initials. SO, it is the happiest anniversary cake ever where every single person has the scope to add their creativity in it. A monogram cake is best with subtle colors, as bright colors might ruin the decency and beauty of the cake.

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5. 1st-Anniversary Special Cake:

 Wedding is special and the 1st anniversary is also very special as that is the first anniversary year. First, anything is special. SO, the first-anniversary celebration is more than just a celebration; it is an emotion. You can design and flavor the cake from the customizable cake shops. Usually, 1st-anniversary cakes are more decorative and bigger as there are some people you would invite for the 1st-anniversary celebration. You can consult online cake shops to find out the latest cakes for your big days. It will make your celebration more special.

6. 25th-Anniversary Special Cake:

There are some years, which act more as milestones than just years in a relation. 25 years is one of them which’s called the silver jubilee celebration. In a short lifetime, spending this long course of time with one person is very appreciable. So, the 25th-anniversary cake is a special one. It is important in this case to highlight the year. So, on the topping of the cake, it is best to just mention the number 25. And the names of the couple can be written on the side of the cake. Thus the cake will look decent and at the same time, it will be celebratory.

7. Gold Foil Cake:

If you are planning to make your anniversary celebration a grand one, with a lot of budgets, this cake will go beyond your expectation. A gold foil cake is a cake that is wrapped with a real 24K golden foil. It is costly. But there is a tricky alternative as well. You can use an edible golden spray to cover your bare cake with a hint of gold. It is a special cake from the USA, so it is best to order from anniversary cake delivery USA sites for the authentication.

8. Fruit Cake:

If the couple is fond of the tastes of nature and colors of the celebration; then this cake option is the best. Natural colors and taste are better than chemical food colors. There are two ways of using this flavor in this cake. One is using the flavors in liquids- there will be no visible fruit slices, just the taste. The other is baking a flavor cake, then decorating the side and tops with colorful and tasty seasonal fruit slices. It can be mixed fruit cakes; or a single flavor fruit cake as well.

9. Floral Cake:

A flower is the most multi-purpose natural ingredients ever. It is there for decoration, for presents, for impressing, for expressing and even in food. In cakes, you can use these flowers as flavors as well. Either you can use a floral flavor crème to decorate and give a taste. Or certain edible flowers act as beautiful decorators of the cake. If the couple is fond of nature and natural essence, then this cake will win their heart for sure. Online sites provide the best of these floral cake services. Time runs, and the only way to freeze them is to celebrate moments and frame them. Above are the best anniversary celebration ideas with the best cake flavors.

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