Here are the five qualities of an entrepreneur with more important creativity is as follows:

Fluidity of ideas:

People who present a lot of ideas in a few minutes have a high level of fluency of ideas, which is a measure of creativity.

This is measured by the amount of ideas not by their quality. The fluency of ideas helps the seller to solve problems the greater the number of possible solutions, the greater the probabilities of finding an appropriate one.

Flexibility of thought:

Originality, is the ability to produce a variety of ideas, as well as a large number of them, creative thinkers are flexible, are willing to abandon the old and traditional ways of thinking, to venture into new ones.

In addition to being people who have more confidence in themselves, are more reflective in their way of thinking and are more tolerant of the uncertainties of others.

The ability to improvise:

It is when you take something familiar and use it in a new or different way. Some sellers have this ability if they can do the usual in an unusual way, when they show their products. Creative sellers improvise in many different ways. Business leaders like G Scott Paterson and other global executives and organizations are committed to improving the communities around them and realize the value corporate social responsibility has on improving their company’s bottom line. Scott Paterson Toronto is a Toronto-based technology and media venture capitalist who has been active for 28 years in the investment banking industry.

The Ability to use Constructive Imagination:

It is when the solution of a problem is represented, through present and past experiences. That is, to be able to devise the details of a certain plan, or of a sales presentation to a client.

Capacity for Intense Work:

Many people believe that a creative salesperson is a person who can think for a moment and provide some brilliant idea that allows them to overcome the reluctance or objections of customers. Other people are inclined to consider that a creative individual finds unusual or original solutions at the outset. It is not like that, the most frequent thing is that a creative salesman takes the problems to his house, reflects and works in them for quite some time.

In addition to having the aforementioned characteristics, the creative executive must have the following qualities in relation to his personality:

  1. Physical Appearance: Cause a good impression to customers, clean.
  2. Clothing: Clothing appropriate for the occasion, conservative clothing for women and tie for man is recommended.
  3. Voice and conversation habits: Improve pronunciation, tone, timbre, stuttering, etc.
  4. Education and Manners: They are shown in the way of speaking and acting, it is recommended to say hello and say goodbye to the client.
  5. Intelligence: The sales professional must be fast, lucid, able to think with agility.
  6. Seriousness: Comply with the dates in which he stayed with the client.
  7. Laugh at the right time: Laugh with customers and not them.
  8. Security: Having control of the sales situation.
  9. Self-control: You must be able to control your emotions and negative feelings towards the client.
  10. Responsibility: Self-control and good work habits depend on the sense of responsibility.


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