A Peru takeoff crash saw a truck collide with a plane with over 100 people on board. ( Video)

Peru takeoff crash saw a truck collide with a plane
Peru takeoff crash (Social Media)

A passenger plane and a fire engine collided at Lima International Airport in Peru on Friday, causing the plane to erupt into flames. All passengers were evacuated, but two firefighters lost their lives.

Witnesses of the crash filmed its footage and broadcast it on various television channels. The plane was an Airbus A320, and according to flight-tracking websites, it was going full speed for takeoff before slamming into a truck speeding down the road.

The operator of Jorge Chavez airport, Lima Airport Partners, said the death of two members of the air fire brigade in an accident near the border with Bolivia was deeply regretted.

A security official reported that a paramedic, who was in the firefighters’ vehicle, is also injured from the accident. He said the paramedic is currently in “critical condition due to a head injury.”

The airline company “Latam” confirmed that none of the individuals onboard lost their lives when the plane crashed. The aircraft was carrying a total of 100 passengers and 6 crew members.

The general manager for LATAM in Peru held a press conference at the airport where he expressed his surprise over the firefighter’s presence on the runway. He went on to explain that none of this had been communicated to the pilot ahead of time.

“The pilot had the all clear for takeoff, but then they noticed a truck on the runway. We still don’t know why it was there,” he said.

The Ministry of Transport has also confirmed the incident and stated that they are currently investigating to determine if charges should be filed for murder and causing injury.

The airport operating company stated that its teams are good and they provide care for all passengers. The spokesperson said, “We are also investigating to determine the causes of the accident.”

After the accident, some flights were immediately canceled while others were redirected to Pisco Airport, which is about 250 km south of Lima.

An increase in travel disruptions, specifically with North American flights, was seen after implementation as Lima is a crucial transport hub for the area.

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