Pet Friendly

Top 5 Tips to Find Pet Friendly Apartments

Regardless of where you reside, finding a pet friendly house is not easy when hunting for an apartment. However, if you are internet savvy,...
Unusual Jobs For Animal Lovers

6 Unusual Jobs For Animal Lovers

It is both well known and common for animal lovers to pursue such jobs as veterinarian, groomer, or pet sitter. Trust me,...
Dog Is Going To Attack

5 Warning Signs That a Dog Is Going To Attack

Most people don’t see it coming when they get bitten by a dog.  A lot of people don’t see the warning signs when a...
signs of stomach infection in your cat

5 signs of stomach infection in your cat

Cats are not known for their clear displays of ailments if they have any. They tend to hide their illness until it gets out...
Africa Big Five Animals

The identification of the Exact Big Five Animals

If you have done some research over the internet, am also sure that you ever come across a term, the big five animals or...
Human Medicines On Animal

Top 10 Unusual Effects Of Human Medicines On Animal

Medicines are everywhere. Is there anyone who has taken no medicine (or anything having medicinal effects on body) in his lifetime? Not in my...

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