Sleeping promotes restoring and rejuvenation in one’s body as a result of which muscles grow, tissues get repaired and hormones synthesized. A good sleep is as important for health of an individual as eating a well-balanced diet and exercising which is why humans spend almost one-third of their lifetime sleeping. Deprivation of sleeping makes one’s brain so exhausted that one cannot perform their duties well enough. Money making goals, jobs, depression, hormone imbalance, insomnia etc. can be various reasons for sleep deprivation. In present times, people are sleeping less than they used to do in the past, and the quality of the sleep has also decreased significantly.

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Sleep deprivation is often linked with many problems. Sleep deprivation is directly linked with increase in weight in an individual. People who sleep less tends to weight more than those who sleep reasonable hours. In a study conducted it was found out that people who slept less were 55% more likely to be overweight. The indirect factors that may lead to this weight gain due to lack of proper sleep can be the lack of proper synthesizing of hormones and the motivation for exercising.

Since body of individuals who do not get proper sleep does not heal properly, body often turns to food to do that, thus increasing appetite of these individuals. This can be proved by various studies which show that individuals with less sleep eat more calories than the individuals with proper sleep. The hormone that causes this increase in appetite is ghrelin, and is found in higher levels in sleep deprived people. Sleep deprivation has even more effect on mental strength than physical strength.

People who are sleep deprived suffer in cognitive function and concentration activities, thus decreasing their performance at work. Sleep deprivation paves the pathway for a number of mental illness such as depression. This is evident from the fact that 90% of people who suffer from depression cannot get a good night sleep. Not only mental illness but poor sleepers have increased risks of chronic diseases which also include cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes. So it is most important for every individual to get a proper good night sleep.

One thing that aids vastly in getting a proper sleep and significantly reduce the risks of sleep deprivation is pillow. Most people don’t realize this fact about pillow, but pillows play a very specific role in one’s sleep. One should definitely get a good pillow because they directly impact one’s quality of sleep and in turn their health. Every pillow basically serves two major important functions: support and comfort factor.

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