(Video) Pique responds to Shakira’s song after it was widely spread.

Pique responds to Shakira song

Gerard Pique, the ex-Barcelona footballer, replied in a creative manner to his previous partner Shakira’s song that contained implicit sarcasm about him “replacing their Rolex watch with a Casio timepiece and saying it would last forever”.

During a hilarious video clip posted on Twitter, Pique spoke about the “Kings League” championship he’s in charge of and excitedly announced that Casio had sent them new watches. He went on to mention the sponsorship agreement between his league and Casio – much to the amusement of everyone present!

Pique was speaking as he showed a gray “Casio” watch he was wearing, saying it was “a watch that will last a lifetime”. 

A participant in the broadcast, Ibai Janus, tried to calm the situation after it emerged that Pique’s apparent attack on Shakira. “You must be joking,” said Ebay, but the former Barca defender went on to give the audience a Casio watch.

Shakira’s song, which she “mockes” her ex-boyfriend, Pique, set records with more than 71 million views after more than 24 hours, according to what the British newspaper The Guardian said, Friday, January 13, 2023. 

The song came in an artistic collaboration between Shakira and DJ “Bizarab”, in which she said that she is “equal to two 22-year-old women,” noting that “he replaced a Ferrari with a Renault, and replaced a Rolex watch with a Casio watch.”

As she said in the song that she is at a level “above his level (Pique), and that is why he is with someone just like him,” and invited him to spend time training his “mind” as he spends time training in the gym.

In November, Pique, Barcelona defender, put an abrupt end to his successful career in the world of the round, announcing his retirement from football.

After meeting during the filming of “Waka Waka” for the 2010 South African World Cup, Pique and Latin singer Shakira formed a lasting relationship; notably from that same tournament, Spain won their first ever World Cup title as reported by Agence France-Presse.

Last June, after a decade of being together and raising their two boys, Shakira (45) and Pique–who had played football for Barcelona, Manchester United, as well as the Spanish national team–decided to part ways.

Following his divorce, 35-year-old Pique found solace in the arms of a much younger woman–23-year old Clarachia.