Ready for your next big adventure? Look no further than the Land of the Rising Sun. Here are ten places in Japan everyone should see at least once.

In 2018, about 30 million visitors decided to go to Japan. 

With the 2020 Olympics being held there, more people will end up visiting this beautiful and unique country. 

Are you ready for your next big adventure? Look no further than the Land of the Rising Sun. Here are ten places in Japan everyone should see at least once.

1. Nagasaki

Located on the southwest island of Kyushu, Nagasaki is a beautiful coastal city. This city used to be Japan’s only official trading port, which was its only connection to the outside world. 

There were a lot of outside influences on this city, especially the Portuguese and the Dutch. 

If you love old churches, there are many old churches of all different religions here to see. This city actually used to be the capital of Catholicism for the country. 

This was one of the cities attacked by the U.S. atomic bomb, and there are memorials and museums there to remember the event. 

2. Kyoto

Kyoto is the city of gardens, palaces, shrines, temples, and bamboo forests. 

If you’re visiting in the spring, you need to make sure that this place is on your list of places to go. 

While you’re in the city, you should check out some of the popular attractions like the Nijo Castle, the Kiyomizu Temple, and the Kyoto Imperial Palace. 

3. Fujiyoshida

No matter what kind of tourist you are, there will be something for everyone in Fujiyoshida. 

If you love food, you can try some of Fujiyoshida’s infamous udon noodles. These handmade noodles were made with some of the cold, fresh water that came from Mt. Fuji.

If you wanted to see some shrines, you can also find them in this city. You can visit the Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sengen-jinja Shrine. This shrine was originally dedicated to the goddess of Mt. Fuji and is over 1,500 years old. 

This shrine is one of Japan’s largest forest shrines, and you definitely will feel like you are on a different planet when you visit it. 

If you want a scenic view, you can see Mt. Fuji from here. The Arakurayama Sengen Park is normally a great place to take some beautiful photos of the mountain. 

4. Odaiba 

Odaiba became a popular city when Tokyo became too big and ran out of room to grow. 

In this city, you’ll find a lot of exhibition pavilions, game centers, cafes and restaurants, and indoor shopping malls. 

The structures on this island are very futuristic and will make for some very unique Instagram photos. 

5. Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji is probably one of the most famous landmarks from Japan, but you still have to see it nonetheless. 

The official climbing season starts in July and normally ends in September, but you can view the mountain from a distance during any point of the year. 

We already mentioned the State Park which is a great place to view the mountain, but you should also see them from the Subashiri 5th Station as well. 

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6. Naha

Naha, the capital of Okinawa Prefecture, also used to be the capital of the Ryukyu Kingdom. This sovereign state used to rule the island for hundreds of years.

Now, there are many cultural sites on the island, including Shuri Castle. 

This island offers beautiful beaches and normally has a tropical climate, which makes it perfect for a warm vacation. 

7. Hokkaido

Hokkaido is home to many hot springs and volcanoes. In the winter, there are even some ski areas.

This Japanese island looks like it was taken out of a photo book, and you may even have a difficult time believing that a place like that actually exists. 

Some of the most popular attractions in this city include the Blue Pond, the Asahiyama Zoo, relaxing in some hot springs, visiting the national parks, or eating some delicious, local seafood. 

8. Ueno Park

If you love the art scene, make sure you pay a visit to Ueno Park. This is in the center of a residential working-class and entertainment district.

There are all kinds of shrines, lotus ponds, statues, tombs, and cherry trees. This park is like a miniature Japan in itself.

If you are going during cherry-blossom season, this will be a beautiful place to experience it amongst all the art. 

9. Senso-ji Temple

Senso-ji was rebuilt many times since it was created in the year 628, and it is Tokyo’s oldest temple site.

The temple that is there right now is dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy, Kannon. 

Tourists come from all over to visit the site and pray inside of it and see the golden altar and the priceless paintings.

10. Aomori

Aomori hosts Japan’s popular festival, the Aomori Nebuta Masturi, which is the Float Festival.

This summer festival features lit-up floats and dancers that chant to the audience. 

The city itself is the capital of the Tohoku region in Japan, and the area is still helping other areas recover from the 2011 earthquake. 

Visit These Places in Japan Today!

These places in Japan will definitely make your trip memorable, and you should do some research to figure out how to fit everything into your itinerary.

What you will be able to do will also depend on what season you go, so make sure you choose wisely! If you enjoyed this article, make sure you check out our website for others just like it!


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