For the couples who feel a real marriage certificate isn’t enough to express their commitment, there are faux certificates. These faux certificates are customizable certificate and license templates that closely resemble the real thing, except they’re not official. They’re festive faux documents that you can create to celebrate your nuptials before or after the actual wedding takes place, or a sweet way to propose. A faux marriage certificate can be hung on the wall instead of the real thing, or you can post photos of it to your preferred social media as a way to let your friends and family know you’re married without risking exposure and subsequent forgery of the real thing. By having a faux marriage certificate, you can keep the real thing in a fireproof safe, and still flaunt your nuptials.

One of the best things about faux marriage certificates is that they’re entirely customizable. You can design them to be funny, or romantic or, if you need an unofficial copy, they can be exactly like the same thing. Because the can be tailored to your needs, faux certificates can be used as proposal props, as a way to announce your wedding, a part of the invitation or even as a bridal shower game. They can be used as wedding newsletters or can be used to as a prop for a wedding photo. The best thing about faux wedding certificates is that you only need a template, and you can simply print them out. However, if you want a really special certificate, you ought to leave it to the professionals. They can create some really nice laminated copies, or other things making them perfect as a wedding prop.

Naturally, you must know that these certificates are entirely illegal. They’re not a substitute for the official thing and are not recognized by government institutions. These certificates are used as a gag only, and you should never use them as a substitute for the official certificate in any legal situation. In case you want an officiated copy of your marriage certificate, please contact the appropriate authorities.

So, where can you get these faux certificates? Well, there are professionals that do this sort of thing. Faux marriage certificates are quite popular among newlyweds nowadays, and many professionals offer their services online. If you’d like to design one, you can follow these links and contact one such professional.

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