The wedding day is that day of your life where you will have gathered all the essential people in your life in the same place. It is the most significant day of a girl’s life so the event has to be a memorable one, something which people can remember with fondness for years to come. One of the unique ways to organize a memorable wedding is by arranging it on a boat in the form of a wedding boat-party. Not only will your guests get a beautiful view but also experience sailing on the Thames by the historic city of London. In this article, you will learn why a wedding party on a boat is an excellent idea.

Magnificent views

Sailing on the Thames will offer your guests magnificent panoramic views of the city of London with all its famous tourist sites and landmarks. Instead of a setting in a church, where the views would be a little drab, the river setting provides a more romantic atmosphere with the golden rays of the sun setting on the river and the water shining in the sunbeams in the background. The cool breeze and the gentle swaying of the boat will equally enhance the overall experience.

wedding partyEverybody in one place

Holding a wedding party on the mainland means, people will come and go, step in and out and often people would get scattered or form their groups and keep to themselves. But having the party on a boat will mean that everyone would be on the boat together. The more, the merrier, and people will interact more with each other, and nobody can sneak in or out. This means wedding crashers will also be kept at bay.

Some of the things which you need to take care of first before organising your wedding party on the Thames are:

  1. Guests: your family and friends and those neighbours whom you want to feel jealous.
  2. Entertainments: You can bring a live disc jockey playing the latest chartbusters or acrobats or do karaoke, choices are limitless here.
  3. Decorations: Linens everywhere. Blown up photos on the deck and the front.
  4. Photographer: You have to get a good photographer to capture the lovely moments with the wonderful background.
  5. Catering service: You have to choose the best catering service to prepare the best dishes for the night.

You can host various types of events and boat party London on the Thames; these are fun and offer a memorable experience to your guests.


A wedding is the most special day of a girl’s life. People find it overwhelming and often confusing to organise the perfect wedding. In such a scenario, you can try something new by organising a wedding on the Thames while sailing on a boat. Essentially, the requirements for organising such a party would be similar to other parties but the views offered and the experience of the event would once in a lifetime. Watching the sunset on the Thames to mark this beautiful occasion will provide a unique memory to your guests and make the newlyweds equally grateful. Hopefully, this article would have pointed out to you why you must organise a wedding party on a boat.

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