A survey conducted on 2000 women said that buying leather handbags is the most rewarding purchase you can make. Buying a new bag, however, can also be disappointing, especially when you realise that it’s not big enough to fit in all your daily needs. Or you find it hard to match it with your outfit. The right bag must go perfectly well with what you wear and should be functional enough to accommodate what you need. To avoid the pitfalls when you buy leather handbags, here is a helpful guide for the things you need to know.

The fit matters

Trying on new handbags is the same as trying on a new pair of jeans. Does it make your coat look unflattering? Does it easily slip over your shoulder? How versatile is the bag? And never forget, different body shapes call for different types of bags. For instance, small handbags make you look bigger by comparison. Those large totes that you secure under your arm add volume to your waistline. Longer-strapped handbags are suitable for apple-shaped ladies, while backpacks or short shoulder straps work well with pear-shaped women. When chasing that model you want, and the options start narrowing down, keep in mind that there are models released long ago, owned, and then put on sale again. Yes, these are the pre owned designer handbags. You may hesitate but please don’t get confused; it doesn’t mean they are not useful anymore. Most of them have stood the test of time and are still worthy.

Be classic, but with a twist

The most popular colour choice for a leather handbag is black. While this is a fail-safe colour that can work well with practically any outfit you wear, you can go for grey, metallic tones, navy, or tan. These are good choices that you can tote every day. Plus, they make perfect colour options to complement your winter or summer wardrobes. Be careful though with white tones or cream because they tend to look boring at some point. Try to be more open with your colour choices. But if you want to stick to the classic, add some twist like metallic ring handles.

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The bag size matters

Take a measuring tape with you when shopping for bags. This is a surefire way to know that you can secure your precious cargo in the bag. If you’re ordering online, check the weight and measurements. Measure your favourite handbag so you will have a basis from which to compare. If you have shoulder or back pains from your usual tote, it’s about time to consider downsizing the bag size.

Be open to compromise

More than the size and the look, your lifestyle is a significant consideration when you buy leather handbags. Your dream bag should be something you wish to convey. For example, if you’ve been eyeing that lovely ladylike top-handle bag, you saw at the mall, go for one. This bag type is easy to clean and doesn’t require much maintenance, and it also doubles up as a versatile handbag. More so, this comes with a shoulder strap that you can detach if not needed.

Shop around

Take your time to shop around until you finally find the perfect piece. Whether you go to a boutique and prefer to buy online, your options are endless.

When you plan to buy leather handbags, keep in mind that this can be challenging given the choices of items on the market these days. Before buying, never forget to consider the style, the size, the price, the function, the colour, and the finish. With all these things to think about, shopping for a handbag is indeed daunting. But in the end, the satisfaction it gives you is beyond measure.

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