So, what on earth IS a Pluto Trigger, and why is it so special? If we want to take it to its simplest form, then you can say it’s a “high tech way to make your camera shutter fire” 

But that’s not the whole story! This is a high tech way of firing your shutter that is going to change the way you take pictures forever!

The Pluto Trigger is controlled by iPhone/Android App via Bluetooth LE (Low Energy), and it can help you take pictures in a variety of settings, including High Dynamic Range (HDR), time-lapse, lightning, remote photography and video recording.

Not only that, but it can also fire the shutter when your subject smiles or when a droplet of water passes in front of the camera! (Droplet Valve required)

In addition to this, the Pluto Trigger can also be fired by laser, can be triggered by body heat and can trigger multiple cameras simultaneously and wirelessly. (Rf Transmitter & Receiver required)

Want to trigger multiple cameras simultaneously AND wirelessly? Check out the RF Transmitter

So how is it going to make your photography better? All of these things can be done already using just a camera and existing equipment.

First, let’s look at the price. $117. Yes. Just $117! Now you can buy a whole host of various pieces of equipment that will help you do some of these tasks but at this price? No.

Pluto Trigger

Pluto Trigger has infrared(IR) remote control capability, which enables it to support a wide variety of cameras (not just DSLRs). It can also work as a selfie remote for your iPhone(Pluto Camera required). The app can even calculate the depth of field, shutter speed when using an ND filter, 500 Rule and Sunrise/Sunset Time!

Want to trigger multiple cameras simultaneously AND wirelessly? Check out the RF Transmitter & Receiver.

Refer to User Manual and FAQ for more information. Check the Quick Start Guide to see how easy it is to use Pluto Trigger!

Let’s take a look at some of the features that can help improve your photography:


If you like shooting video on your DSLR, you will probably be aware of the 30-minute record limit. The Pluto Trigger can help you here by automatically restarting the recording when the camera shuts off.

This is invaluable to those who wish to record video with their DSLR. It is so easy to miss the camera stopping and lose a valuable minute or two of footage. Using the Pluto Trigger, you’ll never miss anything.

Enable your camera to record video without a 30-minute limit. The video recording will be restarted when the 30-minute limit is reached.


With this feature at night, you can set your camera to fire when the laser aimed at the Pluto Trigger is broken.

This is perfect for nature photographers, especially when you need to take care that the nest or grounds where your subject is not regularly disturbed.


Have you ever tried to photograph lightning? It is insanely difficult, but so rewarding when you get that fantastic picture!

Using the Pluto Trigger, you can take a lot of the guesswork out of photographing lightning.

Simply set up your camera with the Pluto Trigger, and when the lightning strikes, the camera will fire instantly.

Detect lightning strikes and trigger your shutter instantly!


Do you photograph children? Sometimes it can be so hard to capture that perfect moment because you’re juggling the camera and trying to interact with your subject to get them to smile.

Using the Pluto Trigger, you can use the ‘Smile’ setting to have the camera fire the shutter as soon as it detects a smile. Now you can work on interacting with your subjects, while the Pluto takes care of capturing the moments. (iOS only)


If you enjoy astral photography, the Pluto Trigger can help you capture amazing star images with ‘Rule 500 and Startrail’

Firstly, the Rule 500 will calculate the slowest shutter speed you can use for astral photography without seeing star movement.

Startrail feature will automatically determine the number of shots, exposure time, interval and start delay. This will then take multiple long exposure images and help you create gorgeous star trail images.

So as you can see, even these few features can help you improve your photography no end and make the process of taking very complicated photographs very, very simple indeed.

There are many more features included in the Pluto Trigger, and you should definitely explore more about how it can truly help you by adding this to your kit bag and capture more amazing photos.


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