Shock in Britain.. A police officer admits to committing 24 rapes

police officer admits to committing 24 rapes

A London Police Officer, who is still actively working in the field, has shockingly confessed to committing a shocking 24 rapes over an 18-year period. This staggering figure makes him one of Britain’s most prolific sex offenders.

David Carrick, 48, has been accused of abusing his power to manipulate and intimidate victims so that they would not report any wrongdoing on his part. According to the Metropolitan Police and British Public Prosecution Service, Carrick used this unlawful tactic in order to prevent justice from prevailing.

The Metropolitan Police, already suffering from a loss of trust from the public following an array of scandals, humbly expressed regret for their failure to uncover the abuses sooner.

In a statement, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Mark Rowley denounced the man’s appalling and abhorrent abuse of women.

“I apologize that we failed, and it should not have been a police officer,” he continued.

The British Prime Minister’s spokesman expressed his utter shock and dismay upon learning of the case, since Carrick had pleaded guilty to 49 counts against 12 victims committed between 2003 and 2020. Furthermore, London Mayor Sadiq Khan drew attention to this matter, emphasizing that it is imperative for questions to be asked in order to get answers regarding such an appalling crime.

“This is an appalling event,” asserted the Prime Minister’s spokesman. “The PM extends his deep sympathies to all those who have been affected.”

“The police force must root out these officers to restore the public’s trust that has been shattered by such events,” he added.

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