It is almost a year since the COVID-19 pandemic made its world tour debut. Now that things are starting to get back to normal, are there any significant changes when it comes to working from home?

How do things get different and what lessons do we learn from it? Today, we are going to take a deep dive into that topic.

The start of a new era

No one expected the coronavirus to spread like wildfire last year. This prompted companies and organizations to transition from a work-from-home setup. But now that vaccine distributions have started in some parts of the world, a sign of a brighter day is up ahead.

Does this mean it’s also the end of the work-from-home scenario? Probably. But this depends on how fast the vaccine distributions are going. And knowing that there is a newer strain of the coronavirus on the rise, it’s still better to follow safety precautions at all times.

We will never know what dangers are still up ahead. But what’s important is to make ourselves ready before it hits us. The coronavirus pandemic came in like a shock. Thus, alerted everyone including companies and organizations to quickly transition their employees to work from home.

The good and the bad

good and the bad

The end of the work-from-home setup is a good or bad thing depending on which perspective you are going to look at. First, let’s see it from an employee’s perspective.

Employees are now able to give their very best at work. This means no more distractions that can lead to procrastination, which is prominent in a work-from-home scenario.

For a company, however, might be a little difficult. This is because most companies have invested millions, or not billions, in remote work technology to be used during the pandemic. So when things get back to normal, this renders their investment useless anymore.

But let’s look at the brighter side of things. These remote work investments can be seen as a backup just in case another pandemic will rise in the future. So if ever that time comes, companies are now more than ready to cater to their employees that are working from home.

Let’s just hope for the best that this is the last pandemic our world will face. Although technological advancements are already made to ready ourselves as workers, nothing still beats the convenience of working in a place that you are already used to.

Lessons to learn

One of the best things we learned from the sudden pandemic is the way we look at work. As employees, our minds are glued to our on-site office work ethics. But when we transitioned to a work-from-home scenario, things have started to become different.

This means you have new work ethics to follow to keep up with the pace, which mostly involves self-discipline. This is because you will be faced with different challenges inside your home while trying to work.

Your patience, dedication, and self-control are all tested in a work-from-home setup. Some of these challenges include an unstable internet connection, a high tendency for procrastination, and other problems inside your household.

This is why working from home helped shape you to become a better worker. By conquering these challenges, you’re learning and growing at the same time. And it’s an advantage that you can carry along when it’s time to start working on-site again.

Embracing the power of technology

power of technology

We became more reliant on technology when we started working from home, which we mostly use to communicate with one another. But this doesn’t end there, you may also have invested in extra peripherals to make your work-from-home set up a whole lot better.

Maybe you bought a custom LED screen from Viewpointec for multimedia work, upgraded your PC to handle demanding tasks, or bought smart assistant devices for a smooth workflow experience. If yes, then that’s a smart and wise thing to do!

Whatever piece of tech you have invested in, they play a vital role in upping your work-from-home setup. Not to mention, this tech stuff helps boost your productivity levels too. And even if you start working on-site a few months from now, you can still benefit from these work-from-home investments you have poured your money in.

Time to meet your workmates personally once again

As the world continues to heal slowly, businesses have started to open their doors for on-site work again. This means you will finally meet your best friend again inside the workplace, or your very worst enemy for that matter. That exciting feeling of working back at the office after a year of being at home is worth the wait.

However, this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially those who prefer working from home. People who have grown to love working from home might stay depending if they are allowed by the company. Although this is not permanent, the lessons we learned from such an experience is like a treasure worth keeping.

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Work From Home

2021 is the year of change indeed. And let’s just hope that the vaccination will be a success so that the world will finally get back to its feet once again. This will be a big help for businesses and companies in letting their employees work face-to-face when the perfect time comes.

So enjoy working from home while it lasts. And get yourself ready for the great comeback. Time flies fast. And in a blink of an eye, the next thing you’ll find is yourself sitting in front of your office cubicle.