Clothing may cost a large amount of your money, particularly if you have a tendency to overspend for new clothing.

It’s nice to have new clothes for so many reasons. For some, it’s therapeutic to go out and shop for new clothes, while for others – it’s their way of life.

Besides, the clothes we wear are one way of expressing our inner selves. But keep in mind that fashion does not necessarily have to be expensive. 

Clothes may be costly, especially when you want excellent quality clothing. If you are worried that you might be overspending because of clothes, you are in the right place!

Here we will provide seven practical ways to shop for clothes.

Set a budget for clothing

Many individuals overpay on items they don’t like, need or use because they never set spending limits.

It’s simpler to organize your shopping excursions and prevent splurging when you have a budget to work with. When you have a budget specifically for every piece of clothes you purchase, you can save up a lot of money in the long run.

As much as it is tempting to buy more clothes all at once, you need to be realistic. Think twice before you spend, or you might end up regretting your purchases.

One method for creating a budget is to create a list of all the clothes you believe you’ll need in a year, then estimate how much you’d want to spend on each item. Once you’ve calculated your total, stick to it and don’t go over.

Know your measurements

Know your measurements

Remember the size of your waistline, hip and chest. This can help you when buying online to easily compare your dimensions to a store’s size chart.

If you are planning to buy clothes at a physical store, carry a measuring tape with you to see whether an item will fit before you put it on. This is particularly useful when buying secondhand, since old-fashioned size may vary significantly from contemporary sizing.

Purge or repurpose clothes

If your closet is almost filled up because of the volume of clothes that you need to dispose of, perhaps it’s about time to declutter your dresser! There is no point in keeping clothes that no longer fit or are already worn out.

Another good way to declutter your clothes is to donate them to charity. If you believe that the clothes can still be used for a good cause, reach out to an organization that accepts clothing donations. 

You can consult wholesale clothing vendors on how to repurpose clothes as well. Turn anything you no longer wear into something different if you’re skilled in sewing. Make shorts out of old jeans by cutting the legs off.

Other people upcycle discarded shirts into tank tops and skirts. An old sweater may even be used to build a handbag.

Go for a window shopping

Window shopping may be a source of inspiration. If you discover something you like at a designer store but the price is too expensive, keep it on your wish list and see whether you can find a more affordable equivalent elsewhere.

Window shopping also helps you find a new idea and plan out a budget for your next shopping trip. This idea helps prevent impulsive buying and save more money.

Try on different clothes

Take the time to try on different clothes when you are out shopping. Styling takes time, so do not hesitate to do some mix and match in fitting rooms when possible. It’s nice to go out once in a while and diversify your style a bit.

It’s easy to stick to your style but trying something new won’t hurt. If you already own a bunch of basic tees, surely you do not want to purchase a few more unless the ones that you have are already worn out.

To diversify your style, try exploring fashion trends from different years or search what other social media influencers do. Surely, you’ll find a bunch of mix and match ideas for what you already had in your closet.

Buy generic brands

Buy generic brands

You do not need a luxury brand for basics. Purchase t-shirts, tank tops and casual wear from less expensive shops. If you’re looking for layering items that you’ll mostly wear beneath other clothing, such as tank tops or simple tees, skip the designer label.

Nobody will notice it anyway, so don’t bother buying branded basics.

Basic cuts and simple colors do not need the services of a high-end designer.

Ask a friend

Shopping with friends is more enjoyable, and a wider perspective may be very beneficial.

If you’re uncertain about an item, a companion can give you the courage to try it or tell you if it doesn’t fit you well. Their perspectives about fashion can be constructive and help you get a broader picture of how you look from the eyes of strangers.

Go out with a friend or a family member for shopping. Ask for their opinions about your style and consider trying their styles as well.


When it comes to fashion, you do not have to empty out your wallet. There are economic ways to purchase clothing items and still look good at the end of the day. What really matters is how you feel about yourself and how you carry yourself with confidence wearing clothes of your choice.

We hope the practical tips we provide will help you enjoy shopping more and dazzle with clothes you wear!


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