So you are going to hire new people but to have only best employees on-board? Try a pre-employment test!

While resumes and degrees are enough to say how talented the candidate is, pre-employment test will tell what resumes cannot. It is one of the screening measures that gauge upon having high-performance and company fit people in the organization. It features different tests and questionnaires to access candidates by critical thinking, personality, cognitive abilities and more.

Further, a well-designed and validated test will offer a reliable and objective way of accessing job seekers.  Recruiters use this test to make better and accurate hiring decisions of having skillful people in their organization.

At times, having only a well-presented resume and respective educational qualifications are not enough to have people who have cognitive skills and overall personality traits. In such situations, pre-employment tests come in handy.

Types Of Employment Tests: 

Some of the most common pre-employment assessment tests are:

Personality TestPersonality Test:

The main objective of a career personality test is to check if the candidate makes a perfect fit for the job or not. These tests are designed so that the employer can evaluate the personality traits of the candidate which are required for the job.

Talent Assessment Tests:

These tests will predict the job performance and retainability.  The main objective of talent assessment test is to focus on the candidate’s abilities and potential skills. These tests also measure critical thinking, problem-solving and candidates ability to learn, which are usually difficult to measure on resumes and interviews.

Cognitive Test:

Cognitive tests are used to measure a candidate’s reasoning skills, memory, accuracy, perpetual speed, arithmetic skills and reading comprehension. Cognitive abilities are mostly known as intelligence, however other factors are also considered to hire good people on-board.

Skill Test:

These tests will access candidate’s verbal, math and communication skills to predict its long-term job performance. These tests are more like an indicator to measure a person’s skills in the job.

Emotional Intelligence:

Having strong emotional intelligence is important in many jobs as emotionally intelligent people tends to collaboratively work with colleagues, handle disappointments, and interact with the public more professionally.

If you are still perplexed about how pre-employment tests can help you, here are three reasons to justify:

These Tests Are More Objective:

If you want to hire the best candidate in your organization, the objective metrics are the one you can rely upon. These tests will give you the insights of candidates and will also help you gauge upon candidate’s job performance.

Using the scores, you can hire right candidate to improve the effectiveness of your team. Unlike, traditional, face to face interviews, this will help a recruiter access candidates problem-solving skills, analytical skills, risk-taking skills, leadership approach, collaboration skills, positivity and more.

The Test Helps In Increasing Employee Retention:

While hiring new people is very important for companies, retaining talented people and reducing turnover is equally important. Using test and its assessment methods you can screen or shortlist candidates by aptitude and personality traits.

To have good people a recruiter have to consider things like overall ambition, communication skills, overall ambition, thinking skills, honesty and more.  Therefore, employees that underperform regarding their cognitive skills and productivity will leave; and replacing a bad hire is time-consuming and expensive. However, pre-employment assessment can reduce the hiring cost and can save the recruiter time.

Pre-Employment Tests Increase Legal Defensibility:

Measuring cognitive abilities and interpersonal skills can increase the legal defensibility of hiring. Further, these tests offer additional layer as they offer recruiter an objective, scientifically predictors of success in job and more. This also give organizations a chance to defend the hiring process in case someone questions the hiring process legality.

If you want to have talented people on-board who not only work like robots but also have good intelligence, high-thinking skills and posse’s good problem-solving skills, hire using pre-employment test.

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