Pregnancy is the condition of a woman where she carries one or more offspring in her womb for about 40 weeks and experiences each and every changes in her body and mind due to the development of her own child. After getting pregnant, it is therefore, very important to take care of own self as the development of the baby depends upon that action. Food habits, lifestyle, and mindset – everything should be taken care of by the mother. Thus it can be easily said that pregnancy is the gateway of the future happiness of having a safe and sound baby in the arms.


Like it sounds, pregnancy is not at all an easy task to perform throughout every phases. It involves great emotional access as well as routine medical guidance with proper care and nourishments to bring the baby to the world safe and sound. Because pregnancy is a combination of many developmental changes in both the body and the mind of the women and accompanied by few or many complications also. Like high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, vomiting and most commonly the anemia. A mild condition of it can cause no harm but if untreated for long and it increases it may prove dangerous for both the mother and the baby.

Fighting anemia in pregnancy

As, in anemia, the total amount of red blood cells or hemoglobin decreases in the body, the pregnant woman’s body doesn’t find enough red blood cells to carry the required oxygen to the tissues and the fetus. The symptoms like fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath, pale complexion, irregular heartbeats, and chest pain can be seen in severe cases of different types of anemia. These symptoms for anemia during pregnancy are generally controlled by dietary supplements like iron tablets, folic acid, vitamin B12 supplements and any other medicine which is prescribed by a registered practitioner. If untreated it might have adverse effects on the mother and the baby both and cause conditions like low birth weight baby, post partum depression, developmental delays in child, an anemic baby or even birth defects in brain or spine. Regular visit to a doctor and periodical blood tests in every trimester to determine the condition of anemia is therefore much needed for having a safe pregnancy and a sound delivery.


There are a number of factors that imposes anemia during pregnancy and they include if the woman is vomiting excessively for morning sickness or has been anemic even before conceiving or she doesn’t have diets rich in iron and vitamins or there are two pregnancies close together or even the woman is pregnant with more than one baby. Even if a teenager becomes pregnant this situation can occur.


Initially, the symptoms might look mild but there is always a risk of ignoring any of them for a long time. And thus dealing with anemia early pregnancy is the best time to avoid severe future risks and one must immediately consult with a doctor if she experiences any of the symptoms.


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