Most car owners may not see the reason why they ever need to invest a lot of money on premium Car Amplifier. The latest car models already have proper car audio entertainment system. But for those who spend hours daily commuting driving their car, high quality sound system inside their car will make a huge difference. It would be even more important for those with sensitive ear with higher standard when it comes to sound quality. Factory standard audio system won’t be enough and improvement becomes a necessity.

There are several ways to improve sound quality from car audio system. Usually it is started with installing a subwoofer. This alone will make a big difference. But then again, it won’t be enough when the goal is audiophile quality. The most crucial thing to make advanced improvement on car sound quality is installing premium car amplifier. Audio amplifier is important to set up the perfect sound quality inside the car.

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What kind of amplifier a car need? It depends on the model of the car, the interior setting, audio system configuration, and the most important thing: the ideal sound characteristics to produce. Every one has different preferences when it comes to sound characteristics and that what makes choosing the right car audio amplifier is quite challenging.

There are many different models of car amplifier from various brands currently available in the market and with many options, it makes the challenge even bigger. One thing that must be understood, there’s no such thing like best overall car audio amplifier products. The most important thing is to find the one that really meets particular needs and preferences.

However, there are several factors to consider to choose the right audio amplifier to buy. Those factors are including:


It determines the numbers of speakers can be handled by particular amplifier. The most common models are 2-channels and 4-channels amplifiers and monoblock car amplifier.


Audio amplifier must be able to match the power requirement of the speakers. The music power an amplifier could deliver is determined by Root-Mean-Square or RMS value.


Amplifier class determine how it functions at core level. There are two most popular classes: Class A/B and D. Class A/B is more popular because it is efficient for low power level operation while able to keep cool at high power operation. The second one is Class D, known for its high efficiency, high power rating, and lightweight. Generally, Class A/B amplifiers are cheaper than Class D amplifier.

System Compatibility and Audio Setup

The current audio setup and the intended setup has important role to determine what kind of amplifier to buy. It depends on whether it will only improve factory standard audio system or building a custom audio system from scratch. The car amplifier must be compatible with other audio devices including audio player, speakers, subwoofers, and others.

Unless the car owner has proper technical knowledge, it would be advised to consult with car audio system experts to find the right configuration and setup to produce the ideal in car sound characteristics.

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