Regardless of where you plan to travel for your vacation, it is important that your car is in good order. Your vacation plans will be nothing more than car trouble, especially if your car breaks down somewhere in the middle. Before traveling a long road, you should follow these steps to make sure your vehicle is in good shape for such a journey. For a thorough examination, you should schedule an appointment with your mechanic at least two weeks before the road trip. Bring a checklist with you, so remember to review all the items in your list with the mechanic. Visit here at if you need proper guide and tips and that will be helpful for buying all auto spare parts.

For going to long trips you must check the battery and although there is no official way to tell if your car or vehicle battery will die on road and it is must. Some of the way signs of an old or dying battery are as slower acceleration rate or suspicious engine noise. You must thing and check before departure.

Checklist Items:

1. Test all fluids.

2. Check all hoses and belts.

3. Inspect for any leaks.

4. Review the state of the exhaust system.

5. If spark plug wires have not been replaced for two or more years, replace them.

6. Inspect all tires, including the spare, to make sure they are all in good condition. Make sure all tires are at the correct tire pressure, and add air if necessary.

7. Perform a four-wheel break check.

8. Flush the cooling system.

9. Check the cooling system pressure to check for any leaks.

10. Check the alternator output to make sure the charging system is performing correctly.

This is a complete list of items that you should check out before going on a long trip with your family. It may seem a bit long, but it is wise to spend more time examining everything before the hassle. It can save on expensive repairs and waiting on parts. That way, you need to be upset during your vacation just to have a good time. You can visit here for better Motor oil changing and replacing options for long trips.

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Tips for long drive

Just as marathons strain a human body, so do long driving trips. And, just as a player has to prepare and train his body before being subjected to such a long challenge, there are some things a driver can do to prepare his / her car for the long haul. Whether your car is new or used, a Landrover or a Pivot, following these preparations will help ensure a hassle-free and event-free journey.

Configuration of engine and oil

Check engine oil. Testing your engine oil before the long trip is an important step in preparation. If you know that an oil change is coming soon, make sure you look into it before you leave. The oil dip stock level should be close to full before going. Check the level of the antifreeze. An anti-freeze or coolant surface is visible when opening the bonnet. Make sure the level is somewhere between the ‘minus’ and ‘maximum’ numbers.

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