Prince Harry and Meghan demanded that the royal family apologize.

Prince Harry and Meghan demanded that the royal family apologize
Prince Harry and Meghan

The Times reported on Saturday, December 17th that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are striving to organize a “royal summit” with their family members in order to tackle the issues raised by their documentary program. Additionally, they hope for an apology from their relatives as well. Their personal revelations have stirred up considerable controversy within royal circles.

In their six-episode Netflix documentary series, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex divulged why they chose to depart from the royal family. They blamed racism as well as launched a scathing attack on press privacy violations while condemning the monarchy for its failure “to take necessary precautions” in protecting them.

Racist incident

The straw that broke the camel’s back for Prince Harry and Meghan was when a black British activist endured devastating discrimination at the hands of someone in an esteemed role, within their royal palace.

The unfortunate situation involving Lady Hussey (83) and the esteemed activist Ngozi Fulani, a British citizen of Caribbean origin who leads an organization that combats domestic abuse, dates back to their attendance at Buckingham Palace. During her time there, Lady Hussey reportedly made inquiries characterized by a racist sentiment towards Ms. Fulani.

Lady Hussey persistently questioned Fulani about her “origins” and origin of residence, despite being assured by Fulani that she was born and raised in the UK. Despite this confirmation, Lady Hussey continued to relentlessly inquire such questions.

In the wake of this indiscretion, Lady Hussey formally resigned from her role in the royal family and extended an apology for her action.

Double standards

According to The Times, an unnamed source claimed that Harry and Meghan felt there was a “double standard” within the family due to the fact that Hussey and Fulani had a meeting after their disagreement in which an apology was given.

The source continued in anguish: “Harry and Meghan raised their grievances, but they were never given a meeting, formal apology or held accountable. It’s impossible to ignore this injustice! Of course they would like to be heard!”

Palace insiders report that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are attempting to repair their relationship with King Charles and other family members before his coronation in May, an event Harry and Meghan plan on attending.