Prince Harry: I want my father and my brother back.. and I don’t see their desire to reconcile

Prince Harry I want my father and my brother back

Just a month after the captivating documentary about Prince Harry and his spouse, Megan, appeared on Netflix, there is another thrilling series of revelations set to unfold regarding their withdrawal from British royalty and relocation in 2020 to California with the soon-to-be released book “SPARE” coming out January 10th.

On the day of his book’s launch, the prince granted an interview to ITV in which he made a plea for communication with both his father and brother. He conveyed their shared sentiment that there was no desire from either side to reconnect.

‘No desire for reconciliation’

The Duke of Sussex explicitly stated that there is no indication of a reconciliation in the works during his appearance on ITV Monday night.

He additionally included a promotional video in which he stated, “I very much wish to reunite with my father and also see my brother again.”

“All I desire is to be part of a family, not simply another person in an institution,” Harry exclaimed dejectedly, “It appears as though they believe it’s best for me to remain as one of the ‘bad guys’ here.”

ITV TV announced that the interview with Harry will be aired two days prior to his autobiography release on January 8th, titled “Spear of Destiny”.

Information directed especially against his brother William

The Sunday Times reports that Prince Harry’s memoirs have revealed far more information about his brother William than their father, King Charles III. This firmly confirms the estrangement between William and Harry.

The six-episode documentary released last month by Netflix provided the Duke and Duchess of Sussex a platform to express their views regarding leaving the royal family. Unfortunately, this decision was met with much criticism in Britain, where they are perceived as selfish and spoiled due to relentless reports from local press outlets.

Despite the fact that no shocking revelations were presented in the documentary, Megan and Harry managed to address their grievances with media outlets who they accused of tormenting them and contributing to her abortion. Furthermore, they openly challenged royal family’s dishonesty and lack of protection provided for them.

It is remarkable that Prince Harry and Megan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, decided to renounce their official responsibilities in March 2020 so they could create a new life for themselves in America without the constant scrutiny from media.