Prince Harry: It was terrifying that my brother William would yell at me

It was terrifying that my brother William would yell at me

During the documentary episodes released on Netflix, Prince Harry admitted to feeling “terrified” after his brother, Prince William, caused an argument over the details of him and Megan Markle’s departure from the royal family.

Harry recalled the fear of his brother’s unfair accusations, and how their grandmother (the late Queen Elizabeth 11) remained silent during it all.

During his speech, he proposed a negotiation that would grant him and Megan their own job opportunities while simultaneously giving them the ability to serve the queen. As quoted from The New York Post, “It is an arrangement meant to benefit all parties.”

At the gathering to deliberate options regarding separating from royalty, Harry stated that it was “very evident” that the proposal could not be discussed.

Prince Harry fervently rejected the notion that he ever surprised or appalled his beloved late grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, with the unexpected news of him and Meghan’s departure from their royal duties and move to Canada. Subsequently, it felt as though there was an onslaught of unjust criticism leveled at him.

In March 2020, Harry and Megan — formally known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex — decided to abandon their royal responsibilities in a quest for an independent life in America. The pair claimed that ceaseless media scrutiny had began taking its toll on their mental health, thus necessitating this courageous move away from public attention.

Don’t miss the grand finale of Prince Harry and Megan’s documentary series, premiering this Thursday through Netflix! More controversial insights into British royalty are likely to be revealed in these last three episodes.

Last week, Harry and Megan’s premiere episodes saw them delivering an unforgiving commentary on the media, claiming some had shown racism. However, they avoided criticizing members of the royal family in those very same episodes.

The previews of the upcoming episodes are brimming with cutting remarks made by Harry referring to members of the royal family, such as implying “institutional fraud” and alluding that certain individuals were skilled in deceiving his elder brother Prince William who is now first in line for succession.

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