Prince Harry’s “fastest selling” diary! 400,000 copies sold out within hours of the book’s publication

Prince Harry fastest selling diary
Copies of Prince Harry's memo, released in Britain/Reuters

Prince Harry‘s memoirs , “spare”, achieved record sales within a few hours of its release in bookstores across the UK, Tuesday, January 10, 2023, and it has become the “fastest selling” non-fiction book, with 400,000 copies sold out immediately. According to the British Sky News website.

“We knew this book was going to fly high, but it exceeded even our wildest expectations,” said Larry Finley of Penguin Random House, noting that the only books that sold big on their first day were the Harry Potter books.

According to the site, a large number of book fans lined up before stores opened at midnight Tuesday to pick up the official release of the controversial memoir.

Crowds of photographers and reporters captured the moment the first shoppers got their hands on copies of the book, a memoir written by Harry that reveals intricate details about the British royal family .

In a bookstore at Victoria train station in London, copies of the book were displayed on the shelves, and Chris Imavidon, head of an educational charity, was among the first to buy the memoirs, and expressed his desire to learn more about Harry’s life “from him personally.” “I’m very keen to read what Harry has written about what he’s been through,” he said. 

Sara Nakana, age 46 and employed in the real estate industry, visited a bookshop with one purpose- hear Prince Harry’s story from him. She believes that British media is pushing citizens to make extreme decisions regarding the prince; thus, Sara wants her own first-hand account of events before deciding for herself.

Controversial Harry’s memoirs in the markets 

It is noteworthy that Prince Harry’s memoirs, “spare”, were launched in the UK market, on Tuesday, after months of anticipation, punctuated by a continuous publicity campaign, while Harry’s memoirs coincided with four television interviews in the United Kingdom and the United States, in which the prince resides with his wife, Meghan.

Agency France-Presse reported that a few British stores remained open after dark, in anticipation of the launch of what is likely to be the most significant book on the royal family since “Diana: Her True Story” hit bookshelves nearly three decades ago. This book was written with help from Prince Harry’s mother, Princess Diana and Andrew Morton.

As the British press eagerly chooses to examine Prince Harry’s claims in detail, both His Royal Highness Prince William and King Charles III are apprehensive of possible additional embarrassing revelations. Moreover, with his interview on CBS USA where he attacked his stepmother, it looks like she is preparing for a difficult period ahead.

He said some of the details of private conversations published in the media “could have been leaked by anyone” other than Camila, describing her as “evil”.

However, excerpts from the book, which will be available in 16 languages, as well as an audio version, have leaked to the press since the memoirs went on sale by mistake on Thursday in Spain. 

In the book, the 38-year-old Duke of Sussex accuses his brother William of putting him to the ground during the 2019 quarrel over Meghan, whom Harry had married a year earlier, and Prince Harry also touched on his drug use, in addition to killing 25 Taliban members during his service in the ranks of the British army in Afghanistan. 

Against the background of the leaks, senior officers in the British army strongly condemned these statements.