Determining who will receive your promotional items could be tough. You do not have a lot of them to hand out. You also do not want them to fall into the hands of people who do not deserve to receive them.

Before you determine who deserve the free stuff, you need to start with your employees. They are the ones who work hard for your company. Giving out free things is your way of telling them that you appreciate their efforts and you are grateful.

Your employees are not only potential buyers but are even sure buyers of your products. Since they are working for the company, they will remain loyal to the brand. They want the company where they are working to succeed since it also means success for them.

These employees have relatives

Even if you give the free stuff to your target audience, you need to remember that they also have relatives and other family members. They might provide the items to them since they already received a lot. As a result, you keep expanding the number of people who know about your business and eventually decide to buy from you. 

They usually do not feel appreciated

In some companies, employees leave not because of their salary or the nature of their job. They do so because they feel underappreciated. As such, it is crucial that you start to make them think that you see their hard work, and you are willing to reward it. Sometimes, a thank you note will suffice. You do not need to consider giving a salary bump right away. Free merchandise would also help.

Quality items

When giving out promotional items, you need to give the best ones to your employees. Avoid giving out pens or mugs since they already have a lot. Find useful things that they could use at work or anywhere else. Bags and umbrellas are great options. You can also hand out free company shirts to everyone so that during special events, they can wear them.

Send a note along with the merchandise

If you want to take things to the next level, you can also give notes along with the free merchandise. It is a way of extending your gratitude and expressing it in concrete terms. It also shows that you know your employees well, and you can say something about them through the notes.

If you have no idea about the best promotional merchandise to offer, you can look at Once you determine the right item, you can start thinking about the design. Again, the goal is to appeal to other people. Therefore, you cannot leave out key elements of your business, including the name and logo. It also helps to purchase these customised free items in bulk to guarantee a cheap price.It takes a while to finish doing these things, so you need to create a timeline to complete the design and other details soon.


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