The pandemic has gotten everyone into a stay-at-home frenzy, and with lots of idle time, people worldwide are struggling to find interesting ways to burn excess hours. While you can certainly occupy yourself with a Netflix binge or gaming marathon, consider finding more productive ways to make the most out of your time.

Productivity and home are not necessarily the perfect duo, but there are highly entertaining activities that offer valuable experiences or information. From reading up on The Basis Point editorials to learning how to bake and organizing your budget, here are some of the most productive things to do at home.

Stay Informed

A one-day social media detox is enough to keep you out of the loop in a fast-paced world that seemingly never sleeps. Furthermore, 2020 came crashing like a tsunami of unfortunate events. In these crazy times of pandemic, it is more important than ever to keep informed by frequenting The Basis Point and other editorials. If you are already an avid reader, then ditch the fiction for a few minutes a day for a dose of real-life information. You can enjoy both a straight-to-the-point and satirical take on politics, business, work, and life — an organized mishmash of everything you need to know in the chaotic 2020 landscape.

Learn How To Bake

Grocery stores were sold out of flour during the mass buying and hoarding phenomenon two months ago because everybody brought bakeries into their homes. Now, quarantine measures are easing up; supermarkets are also well-stocked with basic baking essentials. All you need is to obtain the basic supplies, preheat your oven, and choose from cupcakes to bread or cookies and get your inner patisserie on. Alternatively, you can bake bread a lot easier using a bread machine. Who knows — this may end up being a profitable hobby when you discover a talent for making perfectly blistered bread.

Organize Your Budget

Everyone is affected by the pandemic, one way or another. You may have suffered pay cuts, lost a job, or are struggling to make ends meet with a new financial normal. Get ahead of your money and stay out of debt by organizing a budget centred around today’s crisis. That may mean contributing more into savings and choosing to halt student loans for a while — it all depends on your current financial position and how much you can afford to adjust. Consider looking into The Basis Point’s money-related articles for updates on stocks, mortgages, and other ways to help you manage funds.

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Spring Clean

July is around the corner, which means that the summer heat is about to get in full swing. But that does not mean that you can throw away the idea of spring cleaning — albeit delayed by a few months. It is incredibly important to create a peaceful home where you can relax and feel at ease, especially since you are spending more time than ever indoors. That means putting effort into decluttering, cleaning up, and letting go of things that no longer spark joy. While you are at it, consider donating unwanted items in good condition to charities helping those in need, especially amid these difficult times.

Trying to be productive at home can be a challenge, with a comfortable king-sized bed tempting you to laze around all day. There is nothing unusual with giving yourself a much-deserved period of rest, but allowing moments of productivity can also ease your stress and keep you going.

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