Are you thinking about establishing a company in Hungary? We can help you with that here at FirmaX in Budapest. We’re a reputable service provider that specializes in a vast assortment of professional accounting, tax, legal and corporate services. If you want to know all about the world of Hungary company formation, we can accommodate your requests.

People often have many questions for us about the process of establishing a company on Hungarian soil. The truth is that there are many notable things about selecting Hungary for company formation nowadays. Why should you think about selecting this country above all others? Registering a new company in Hungary, first and foremost, is both rapid and simple. If you want to register a company, you won’t have to wait longer than a single business day.

Since Hungary is in the heart of Europe, it has geography on its side. Transportation is sophisticated and reliable.

Many professionals who work in business in Hungary speak the English language with great proficiency.

The advantages of company business formation in Hungary go far beyond just these.

FirmaX and Assistance With Business Establishment in Hungary

Our company aims to assist businesses of all kinds with the ins and outs of forming a company in Hungary. We present businesses with a total of three in-depth company formation packages for optimal convenience. These packages help make establishing a company in Hungary streamlined and efficient. Our available packages are the Basic, Medium and Complete options.

Basic, first of all, enables businesses to form in a total of 24 hours. We aid businesses that select this package with tax registration, bilingual documents, registration taxes, legal fees and more.

We aid businesses that select the medium package with company formation in 24 hours as well. We also aid them with accounting registrations, bank account creation and company address matters. If you’re on the lookout for seasoned professionals who can talk to you at length about mail scanning, commercial addresses, tax registration and similar topics, we’re here for you.

If you choose the Complete package, you’ll get access to 24-hour company formation, tax services, accounting services, accounting registrations guidance, bank account opening and beyond. Our representatives will help you with annual tax filing, bookkeeping, financial statement submission and a host of other relevant topics.

Contact the team at FirmaX A.S.A.P. to learn more about company formation in Hungary.