Plumbing issues come in different types of shapes and sizes, from the modest to the vital, such as faulty faucets or leaking pipes to sewer system backup or bulk of pipe leakage causing structural damage for houses or other properties.

Some issues can be solved by self-maintaining while some can be solved by the plumbers nearby or by professionals. If the issue is big we can easily call a plumber by searching for top rated plumbers near me. To solve some typical problems, you will need a professional, a top-rated plumber who has the experience and trained well, or your problem will remain or maybe worsen.

Some tips can be followed for minor issues. Given below are the most common plumbing issues.

●     Faulty faucets

●     Slow draining sink

●     Shower drains

●     Clogged toilet

●     Running toilets

●     Faulty water heater

●     Leaking pipes

●     Sewer system backup

Faulty faucets

Dripping of faucets is the most common issue, many neglects to solve the issue but it leads to a lot of water being wasted. This is due to the internal washer being worn out or stiff.

Slow draining sink

This issue is mostly due to the waste food in the kitchen sink or the hair in the bathroom sink. This can be resolved by using a plunger or plumber’s snake, we can also pour some vinegar or baking soda to make it dissolve easily. But using too many chemicals or doing repeatedly can damage the pipes completely. If the issue is not solved you need to contact a plumber near you since it got worse inside. 

Shower Drain

This is due to the hair or soap in the bathroom; this is solved by using a plunger or a snake or simply by preventing it by using a drain guard. If you’re experiencing water pooling in your shower due to an uneven slope, addressing the issue promptly is important to avoid potential water damage. Click here to learn more about fixing the slope in your shower.

Clogged Toilet

A Clogged toilet is when the toilet bowl is full but does not drain. This happens due to toilet paper or human waste. Generally, these issues are solved by using a plunger or a sewer snake. There are also toilets with a macerating pump that grinds solid waste and pushes gray water to the sewage system or septic tank to boost flushing power.

Running Toilet

Running toilets will make a lot of water go to waste; this is mostly due to the flapper valve, which controls the water flow. We can solve this by using a toilet repair kit. To learn more, visit

Faulty Water Heater

Failing of the water heater is caused by the sediment buildup in the tank or the pilot light going off or maybe the fault of the thermostat. You will need a professional or look at the top rated plumbers near me

Sewer System Backup

This issue is expensive to be fixed. This issue may be due to some stuff in the toilet like diapers or napkins or may be due to tree roods the system is damaged, or maybe it is an old sewer made of clay and not plastic like the modern sewer. To solve the issues which cannot be done on our own, we can simply look for a top-rated plumber near me, call them and solve the problem.