There is a wide variety of temperature sensitive products that need protecting while in transit. All manufacturing companies of volatile merchandise understand this principle well. While most of the items needing controlled temperature are food products of some sort, many other products such as flowers or even medical or surgical supplies can require an air conditioned environment when being transferred to a manufacturing facility, retail sales outlet, or even a hospital. Having the right trailer or compartment can be vital to a safe arrival as well as protecting any associated inventory investment. Finding the proper trailer or container for the specific product and the expected shipment weight is important, and it also means having a good working knowledge of the different types of reefer trailers available to complete the transporting project is important too. Reefer trailers do much more than transport food items. Beverages can be hauled in a controlled climate setting and be ready for consumption right off of the truck. In addition, medical products often require refrigeration even to the point of cryogenic preservation, and other products transported in bulk such as make-up and plants can benefit from a constant temperature container.

LTL Hauling

Many products requiring refrigeration during the shipment process will be smaller volume cargoes, also known in the shipping industry as less-than-load hauls, which means that smaller refrigerated containers or storage trailer units will be optimum size. Most plant-to-store companies servicing retail outlets use refrigerated trucks for smaller loads, and especially when the driver is making multiple deliveries along the route. And refrigerated storage style containers can also be used for certain operation applications when businesses need the additional room with a controlled environment external from their central open-air operational facilities. Product type and loading capacity will commonly dictate the type of reefer trailer needed, and small to moderate containers are often the best option.

Custom Built Reefer Trailers

Reefer trailers are essentially a standard container that can be built in any particular dimension for the intended use, and many companies have their containers designed uniquely for optimum performance. A refrigeration unit is installed on the container somewhere, typically at the top in the frontal area of the box. Ductwork can be installed as well in trailers that are being baffled and built to certain specifications. And while some businesses needing small to moderately sized reefer trailers will want to invest in their own trailer and truck permanent combos, pull-behind containers can still be located from trailer rental companies with a full line inventory.

Custom Built Reefer Trailers

Full-Size Reefer Trailers

The most commonly used type of refrigerated trailers are the full size units employed by major producers and manufacturing corporations that want to haul their products in bulk in a controlled climate. While people typically associate refrigerated carriers with cool temperatures, the real functionality is better described as controlled temperature containers. Some products can benefit from 50 degree temperature controls instead of the 32-38 degrees that many transporters want for their products. Standard bulk carrier trailers can be found with divided compartments complete with independent temperature controls are well as adjustable barriers that can allow for better product grouping inside the container. Trailer size is also quite larger also, as refrigerator trailer rental units can be found as wide as 102 inches that are beyond the industry standard 96 inches, or eight feet. Trailer length can also vary between 45 and 52 feet with air ride suspension systems that will allow for hauling maximum loads for shipment to and from manufacturing facilities. Some products such as eggs not only require controlled temperatures, but they also need cushioning and insulation within the trailer unit.

There is assuredly a wide range of applications for reefer trailers, and deciding whether to make a serious investment in a company property or utilizing the rental options available is a serious business decision. When it comes to refrigerated trailers, renting a unit for a specific use in the summer season is often the best choice. It is important to locate a dependable rental company with an established business and trailer inventory when shipment load sizes can vary because different trailer types may be needed for different shipment projects in the future.


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