There are many things that go into planning an event and how you handle these things would determine how successful the event turns out. The best way to keep up with everything is to get a software event planner.

Tasks like setting up ticketing, marketing the event on social media platforms, handling the budget, figuring out the amount to charge for tickets (if it is not a free event) all count when factoring in how successful the event would be.

A software event planner helps you stay on top of all of this and be more effective. We would be considering the pros of cons of using a software event planner in this article.

Pros of a Software Event Planner

Increased engagement

Engagement is the driving force of an event and one of the determining factors of how the event turns out eventually.

A useful software event planner will allow you to communicate with all participants of the event at all stages. With software like this, you can also accumulate and analyze useful data that can be used to plan for other events.

Supports targeted activity

Marketing is a very important part of planning an event. You have to know your target audience for each event that you would be hosting and planning so that activities and events would be tailored for that target audience.

Data collected from previous events can come in handy here. With software event planners, you can also manage personalized email marketing campaigns for recipients based on the data collected in previous events.

Communication tools

Many software event planners come with chatroom interfaces where you can send important messages to other members of the team without leaving the software. The integration makes the communication and the transference of information seamless.

There is also a dashboard feature with makes it easy to see new information about the event at once. This helps to prevent misinformation that can jeopardize the event.

Cons of a Software Event Planner


Some software event planners are pricey and may not necessarily meet the needs of your event. If you purchase software like that, you would not get the best out of it. So, it is advisable to carry out proper research about event planners out there that meet your needs.

However, there are free software planners like Magnet Event Pro that you can use to plan your event and it has all the important features. However, before making a final decision, the hack is just to find out what makes your event planning process easier.

Lack of design options

Design choices on software event planners can be limited. Many of the software available come with non-intuitive features and this can be using it hard. There is usually a tug-of-war between an easy-to-use user interface and the ability to customize the event planner software.

That means you have to choose one, either the interface is very easy to use or you can customize it. Before purchasing or using an event planner software for your events, you can try out a demo or free trial version. This way, you know what it looks like and if it fits into your plans for your events.

Support channels

This is another con of using software event planners. You have to rely on the quality of the customer care service that is provided with the software, so if there is a problem or downtime with it, you would be affected. Again, trying out the software before using would help you discover these problems and if you can deal with them before making a final decision.

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