According to the latest research, in 2020 more than 50% of all orders in online stores were made using mobile devices. This indicates that smartphones and other gadgets are starting to dominate the e-commerce space. This is why PWA has become one of the most popular ways to develop websites that can reliably support mobile devices. It is a modern way to deliver quality service by combining your own applications and websites. In this article, we will discuss and compare the main features of PWA Studio and Vue Storefront, which are the most popular tools for PWA platforms.

PWA Studio Features

Magento developers quickly recognized the rapidly growing potential of mobile gadgets, which are beginning to dominate in the ecommerce industry. Therefore, in 2019, PWA Studio was released for resources powered by Magento.

Ecommerce retailers are quick to appreciate the benefits of PWA Studio in terms of increased mobile reach, higher checkout rates, and better conversion rates. 

PWA Storefront allows you to maintain convenient access from smartphones to Magento websites. 

Additional bonuses are improved performance, the orderliness of the directory, and quick response to any actions taken by the user.

As an example, consider the success story of Baker Distribution, which once decided to hire Magento PWA specialists and got the most out of it:

  •  page response increased by 49%
  •  users have become 30% more active in making purchases
  •  the volume of orders increases by 29% annually

Taking the example of Baker Distribution, we see that as such a well-known and long-standing player in the market, there is a prospect of significant growth and increased profits using Magento PWA storefront. This tool is able to show high efficiency and amazing results in a short time. 

Vue Storefront Features

Vue Storefront is a popular tool and a direct competitor to Magento PWA Studio. The Vue Storefront tool has a versatile interface that can be easily integrated into any server. Quick sync of a web store can be done via the API. As a result, experts have the ability to reuse a custom interface without problems.

An example of using Vue Storefront Magento is the experience of Dutch company PlasmaVise, whose Magento-based web store decided to improve its brand awareness, increase visitor activity and increase sales.   

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It took a team of specialists just under 50 hours to present the customer with a web store powered by Vue Storefront. All imported products were present in the configured store and the ability to customize the front-end was implemented. Thanks to this, the company was able to quickly achieve its goals.

And to summarize, it is worth noting that Vue Storefronts tools are a one-stop solution for any store and are server-independent. Besides, Vue is used as a framework, which makes web stores more responsive and faster to work.


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