Buying your home is one of the most important decisions of life where you have to consider a lot of things before investing your money. It could be one of the biggest investments of your life. So, you must ponder a lot on every aspect during the condo-buying process. After dealing with all the searching process arrange a meeting with the condo association and discuss all the queries you have with them. Here is the list of the question which you should ask from them before buying a condo unit:

What the maintenance fee?

The maintenance fee is usually shared by all the condominium owners. It is equally divided among them. As we know that every condo building has a different maintenance fee. That’s why it is good to ask about the estimated amount to know whether it fits your budget or not. Furthermore, ask about the fee of shared places’ maintenance as well as the unit’s maintenance.

Can you show me the complaint history of the other residents during the past years?

Residents often complain about different things like poor service, damaged property, or poor maintenance, etc. It is a clever act to ask about those complaints and what they did in response to those complaints. Furthermore, you can ask how many complaints they have resolved successfully. It will give you a rough idea about the services and amenities quality of that condo building. Moreover, you can know about the behavior of the staff by judging the way they’ll answer such questions.

What are the rules and restrictions?

It is a very important thing to ask “What are the rules and restrictions of this complex?” Ask specifically about the pets and the guests. For example:

  • Are pets allowed?
  • If pets are allowed then what are the pet keeping rules?
  • Are guests allowed?
  • Can they use the parking lots?
  • Do you have some facilities for guests?

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What are the things which insurance will cover?

Another very important thing to discuss is “What are the facilities that the insurance will cover?” Moreover, what is the amount you’ll have to pay for the insurance?

Because it is something you must consider before buying a condo. Maybe you won’t be able to pay the amount and if you can maybe it won’t cover the things you want.

Final thoughts:

Buying a condo entails a lot of questions, but remember that location is an important thing, too. In Canada, for instance, consider areas like Toronto or Etobicoke if you love living the city life. On the other hand, if you like having more of nature around, Hamilton is a great place in Canada as well. You can still find good condo units in Hamilton even if this city is not as busy as Toronto. And if that’s right up your alley, just remember our tips above before deciding on a certain unit.

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