Quick Guide: How To Wear Men’s Clothes As A Woman

Women are naturally fashionable, especially if they pair it with confidence.

But sometimes, women get bored with their wardrobe. They experiment on their clothes. At times, they do mix and match.

Recently, women set a new trend. They borrowed the boy’s fashion. And it does not look annoying. It gives a feminine yet classic vibe.

Do you want to try this new fashion? Check out your hubby’s wardrobe. Find out which piece of his clothing fits in your attire. Let this quick guide teach you how to wear men’s clothes as a woman.

Men’s Shirts

Nowadays, men’s shirts have better quality and design. Furthermore, it’s long enough to cover your butt—a perfect alternative to a waist-baring cut of women’s shirts.

Wear a men’s shirt as a woman based on the following tricks.

Sizes and cuts

Check the printed label on your partner’s shirt. See to it that it fits you, specifically your boobs. If there are no fit issues, wear it on your next casual day out.

Also, there are now available gender-neutral shirts. Look online and see which size and design suit your taste.

Avoid excess flappy fabric.

Wearing men’s clothes is tricky. If done wrong, you’d look like a kid playing dress-up. Save yourself from embarrassment.

Wear the shirt with either high or low-waisted pants. It minimizes loose fabric pooling in your lower back. Remember, mid-waist pants is not an option.

Moreover, keep the bottom buttons undone, if it’s hidden. It leaves a less snug fit around your hips. Thus, it helps you tuck your shirt better.

Sew it, if you can.

Personalize a men’s shirt into a woman’s fit. Sew two darts up the back of the shirt. It’s quite simple. Pinch the fabric from high up. Make sure it is near the mid-shoulder blade. Then, create a crescent-shaped dart in the shirt, the one that goes in your pants. Afterward, sew two straight lines.


It is manageable, with no need for altering. Just roll the cuffs. Some men’s shirts have cuff in a different pattern and color. Roll it in a way without losing the effect. Also, try the gangster cuff.

Men’s shirts are one of women’s faves. It’s stylish without putting too much effort. Pair it with a skirt, and you’d look like a better-dressed woman.

Oversized Blazer

Anything oversized is pretty cute. Wearing oversized blazers are exceptional. Plus! It’s easy to match with your clothing.

Tights and flats go well with a men’s blazer. Wearing a more oversized blazer on top of your feminine style gives a chic combo.

Moreover, an oversized blazer will not make you look like a man. Use a belt as outerwear. It flaunts your shape. Pick slimmer bottoms like leggings, skinny jeans, or tights. It accentuates your look to the next level.


Often, women’s sweaters look tacky. It lacks a sense of fashion that women find it hard to mix and match. Thankfully, men’s sweaters are handy. They are suitable for layering too.

Wear a men’s sweater as a woman by tucking it in. Do it slightly or fully to avoid the boxy or baggy effect. If it’s larger than expected, wear it as a dress. Or you may work it with leggings.

White Button-Down

Most white button-downs are slightly oversized. The tricks from oversized blazers and sweaters are useful here. Also, the white color makes it easy to fit any occasion.

Achieve a sophisticated look if you pair it with slim-fitting jeans and heels. It deems a perfectly imperfect vibe. The best way to make men’s clothes meet is feminine.


Who says suspenders are for boys only? Women can wear it as well. Adding this to your outfit gives some extra edge and oomph.

Suspenders with a white button-down are appealing. Or combine it with any of your tops. Then, pair it with any of your jeans or shorts. Finish off your style with heels.

Remember to maintain around two pieces of men’s clothes only. More than that loses the feminine appeal.


The fashion of ties is equivalent to necklace statements. It adds color and pattern to an outfit. Look dashing just how men do.

Pick a tie opposite of your shirt pattern. If you go with a patterned shirt, wear a solid tie. For plain shirts, choose a crazy necktie.

Go dapper by leaving the top-most button undone. Or, you may try a bow-tie too.


Wearing a vest creates a whole new look on you. It looks impressive, especially if you pick a classic pattern. Nothing goes wrong with black or subtle pin-stripe.

Also, choose the size of your vest according to your preference. A tailored vest can emphasize your feminine curves and waist. If you lack confidence in your figure, a vest can mask it too. Moreover, it’s a fashionable trick to hide any fit issues in your shirts.

Men’s Accessories

There are hundreds of men’s accessories you can wear as a woman. Here are some of the top on the list.


There are various types of men’s hats. Men find it just a fashion accessory. On the other hand, women wear it to bring their outfits up to the next level.

Wearing a men’s hat is tricky. If not worn correctly, you’d look funny. Choose a hat that suits your personality and style.

A leather baseball cap is sophisticated if worn with dresses and boots. Meanwhile, a woven hat is perfect for a spring daytime if paired with jeans and a white top or a flowy patterned sundress. Pick a wide-brimmed fedora during the summer months or while traveling.


Men’s sleek belt is an excellent choice for an oversized shirt or a loose dress. Be conscious of picking the style and color. Make sure it matches your aimed fashion.

Furthermore, a belt is also a good strategy in hiding your size issues. It diverts people’s attention to the accessory rather than your size.


Men’s timepiece is one of the top men’s accessories women love to wear. It provides a contrast to their feminine attire. Also, it is versatile and durable, unlike women’s watches. You can wear it on any occasion without the fear of damaging it easily.

Want to upgrade your style? Modify your watch the way you want it to be. For example, you can buy tools for seiko mod parts like the skx007 bezel, dials, or hands with the color and design you have always wanted.

On top of that, a men’s watch is a significant investment. Buying one of your own is a safer bet than women. It has a higher value in terms of reselling. If maintained in an excellent condition, you can resell it at a higher value.

When women wear men’s clothes before, they receive degrading comments. Now, they hear compliments. People are more open-minded and aware that not all clothes are gender-oriented. So if you decide to wear your man’s wardrobe, be confident. After all, you wear what you like. Choose what looks good on you. Take note of this quick guide as it discussed how to wear men’s clothes as a woman.


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