While designing your porch you can do so much so it will look a bit prettier and different from other people’s porches. How about you start making a list of things that you want to do with your porch? Well, you can get an idea from the internet but there is one that you must-have for your porch would sun canopies for patios. So the sunlight won’t make your place like a heater.

To-do list for designing your porch

Here are a few ideas that you might want to note down on your porch while designing it:

1. Colorful door

You need to select a bright color for the main entrance. As it would look a little refreshing and welcoming. Using subtle shades for the main entrance door is not in trend nowadays so it would be better if you choose a little brighter shade. You can choose a blue shade or a subtle orange shade that might give a woody look to the main door. If the door of your house looks good it will make your porch look good.

2. Attractive drapes

How about you cover the porch space? Well, it gives a kind of privacy plus an elegant look and a space for sitting. You can make your porch a sitting space where you can enjoy tea, read a book, and adding drapes will only make space a bit more private so no one will disturb you. Plus the drapes are not going to be much expensive but they definitely will look super cool on your front porch.

3. House number plates

How about you use a unique number plate for your house? Well, the time has changed and there is no way you need to write your house number on the top of your front door. You can make your house number look a little fancy. You can use a wooden block and carve your house number on it.

4. Flora would be refreshing

Everyone loves to have a little fresh breath and when you get a floral breath it feels so good. Whenever you get stressed you engage yourself in something or you spend your time with nature. Add flora to your front porch is going to look so good. It will give your eyes a peaceful feeling. You can do a little plantation on your porch and the gloomy flowers of different shades will add life to your porch.

5. Add sitting space

Everyone loves to have a porch talk. When your friends will visit you in the future they might like to have a discussion or gossip session while sitting in an open environment. How about you install a porch swing on your porch. Even you yourself will enjoy sitting on a porch swing while enjoying the outer view. Not only a porch swing but a few small chairs or a sofa would also look great and comforting on your porch.


So now you know how you can make your porch look good. If you want to save your porch from scorching sun heat then it would be better to get sun canopies for patios. No matter how hot the weather is, your porch will still be a cool place for hanging out. The sun canopy will keep your porch safer in different weathers.

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