Every house in the world reaches a point in its life (often, more than once) where its owners are looking to sell the property to someone else.

Then comes the tedious process which includes things such as listing it online, staging the property, scheduling tours, etc.

However, thanks to technology, the home selling process has never been more streamlined. Incorporating things such as phone apps into your home selling tactics can cut significant time off its duration.

Here are several real estate technology tools that every home seller should get their hands on. Having these at your disposal will make all the difference in the world!

1. OpenHome Pro

Perhaps you realize that lead management and following up with interested buyers won’t be your strong suit during this process.

If all goes well, you’ll have several interested parties that you need to keep up with and send relatable messages to. The OpenHome Pro app is available for iOS users for just that reason.

It not only helps you gather leads that are interested in your property but also with nurturing those leads and staying in constant contact via email. It’s a perfect tool for both the home sellers and real estate agents, alike.

Technology just continues to advance, with a trusted real estate software developer, there’s nothing that can’t be accomplished.

2. Base CRM

Your interested parties won’t only be working with you on your property, but with several other home sellers as well. Because of that, you need to stand out as a home seller they can relate with.

The best way to do that is through consistent communication.

However, with everything else going on in your life, it can be hard to gather all your leads (and their contact info) in one place.

Enter Base CRM, a customer relationship management tool that gives home sellers an easy-to-navigate lead nurturing tool.

While there’s very little customization available, it offers all the essentials as well as free training webinars to maximize its usage.

Not sure if it’s for you? No worries. Base CRM offers a free 14-day trial. Give it a go for two weeks, see if it’s beneficial to you and, if not, then you can cancel your membership.

3. Premier Agent

As the name would imply, this CRM tool is focused on helping real estates be the best version of themselves that they can possibly be for their clients.

It offers the best way to oversee every aspect of your real estate business from wherever you are. This will lead to a streamlined process between the agent, home buyer, and the home seller.

What’s better is that it provides notifications to the very second a lead reaches out to you for inquiries. That gives you the advantage of responding right away and speaking to prospects when their interest is at its highest.

Premier Agent wants to give you and your clients a quicker and more efficient home selling process. All the tools are available to build your brand as the best home seller in town.

4. Insightly CRM

Contrary to what others might want you to believe, email marketing is still the best way to generate leads and nurture.

A high-quality CRM system is one that focuses on that and integrates best practices for your email marketing endeavors. Insightly CRM does so by using email tracking tools and provide email templates for you to get started.

For those of you out there who have little-to-no experience with email marketing or realize you could get better, Insightly is the right CRM tool for you.

The main knock on this software is the tiers of plans you have to choose from and the limited amount of tools you have without the proper plan. However, if you’re looking for a CRM software to invest in, you can’t go wrong here.

5. Dotloop

Back to the phone apps which can help your home seller business thrive, Dotloop was designed to be a real estate agent’s sidekick.

It offers a simplistic layout with tools to support your daily tasks such as lead management and call/email campaigns.

The beauty of Dotloop over many other tools on this list is that it’s available for any device. So, if you want a phone app that all your agents can use, regardless of the phone brand they use, then Dotloop is the high-quality choice for you.

6. Less Annoying CRM

The tools that this CRM software offers are just as to-the-point as its name. It cuts out all the non-essential tools most home sellers won’t use, opting for a layout that’s easy on the eyes.

It also offers a lower price than what they’d deem are “annoying” pricepoints for other CRMs of similar nature.

Less Annoying CRM is a tremendous tool for beginners that want to oversee their book of business. You’ll be able to see every step of the process and have the tools to continue building relationships with each client.

For those of you out there looking to kick things off with a CRM that’s low price, yet offers all the essentials, the Less Annoying CRM was made just for you!

Find Real Estate Technology That Fits Your Needs

While all of the real estate technology on this list offers tremendous results, the fact is that not all of them will be for you.

Take your time to assess what you need in a real estate CRM tool and make the best decision for your needs.

Be sure to read our other articles that pertain to both this topic and other topics just like it!

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