Ninja swords are all about ninjas. They were synonymous with deadly, ruthless ninjas who fought fearlessly to protect their territory. They helped ninjas win many battles. So, if you are planning to invest in this Japanese sword, that’s a big gesture. You are going to taste the life of a ninja. Your confidence will be up there. But wait, ninja swords need proper care. Taking good care of your ninja swords will make them last longer. They will serve you better. On these vivid liners, this guide is going to deep dive you into the little known care steps for any ninja sword. Good luck.

Proper Storage Position

Storage position is an important aspect when it comes to caring for your ninja sword. Your ninja sword should be stored in a horizontal position. Ensure that the blade edges face the upward direction. This is meant to protect the blades’ edges from getting damaged. Alternatively, purchase a case for your real ninja sword. It will protect it from any damage.

Clean Before Storage

Don’t store your ninja sword before cleaning it. So, clean it every after use before storing it. Remember, the hand has certain types of acids that can corrode your ninja sword. It can also destroy the blades. Cleaning it removes fingerprints and other unwanted chemicals. Also, it removes dust and other dirt that can damage the blades. Don’t store it with any marks on the blades. Use gloves when handling or cleaning your ninja sword. Don’t hold the blades with bare hands. It can chop off your fingers.

Apply Lubricants on Blades

The blades of the ninja sword are delicate in nature. That’s’ why you should always use lubricants on them before storage. This is especially important if you want to store your sword for longer periods of time. Use clove oil. Applying a protective layer of the swords will minimize damages and make them last longer.

Don’t Leave It in the Storage Room for Long

Don’t leave your ninja sword for long in a storage facility. Molds can happen and destroy your ninja sword. The best thing to do is to remove it from the storage facility from time to time. Check to see if there is mold. You should do this at least every 2 weeks. It will minimize rusting.

Maintain the Storage Climate

Check the climate of the storage facility. Ensure it is dry. Water or moisture can cause rust. Ensure the conditions are moderate. You can also apply a dehumidifier. It will balance the humid level in your home. A proper humid level is what your sword needs to be in top shape.

The Bottom-Line

So, you have decided to be like a ninja? Wow. That’s a statement. Ninja swords are associated with confidence and winning. However, if you want your ninja sword to serve you for years to come, take proper care of it. The above are steps you need to take good care of that real ninja sword of yours.