In recent years, the field of cosmetic dentistry has become increasingly popular. In fact, research from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry has noted a five-time increase in demand for cosmetic services since 2000. Over three-fourths of cosmetic dentistry patients are women and over half are older than 40 years old. What is driving this increase? The reality is that there are many different factors at play. Cosmetic dentistry professionals at one credible Highland Park cosmetic dentist office, Lasting Smiles, note that there are many different procedures available, such as veneers, inlays and onlays, whitening, and bonding to help patients not only restore a patient’s teeth to be able to function properly but also provide patients with a stunning smile they will love. But it is important to have a consultation first so that the dentist can determine what factors are causing your individual issues. This will help you and the dentist decide on a course of action that will best address your problems and concerns.


Perhaps the most important factor in the increased demand for cosmetic dentistry is the desire to have a more beautiful smile. The reality is that western cultures place a high degree of value of having a youthful and beautiful look. This typically involves a white, smooth smile. Thus, it is no surprise that cosmetic dentistry is one service people turn to in order to improve their overall look. In fact, popularity has been growing within the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada among other nations. Whitening procedures, orthodontics, and teeth reshaping are among the many services that are quite popular for adults that contribute to a perfect smile.

Better Bite.

While the name cosmetic dentistry may suggest solely aesthetic concerns, there are actually physiological reasons to engage the services of a cosmetic dentist as well. If someone’s teeth are misshapen or crooked, it can affect their ability to eat and speak. It can also lead to pain eventually or serve as a catalyst for deteriorated dental health. Thus, many adults are turning to cosmetic dentistry in order to correct their bite, providing them with improved oral health.

Teeth Age.

Much like all other aspects of the body, teeth age. Specifically, the fact that teeth are constantly employed to chew and grind food means that they endure a great deal of wear and tear. Over time, these chips and cracks can serve to greatly weaken teeth. Thus, for many individuals, cosmetic dentistry in the form of crowns, bonding, and veneers are needed in order to supplement the integrity of teeth or repair existing problems. As people continue to live longer lives, these procedures will become even more common because teeth simply wear down over time.


Traditionally, cosmetic dentistry has been a very expensive endeavor. However, prices now seem quite reasonable for many reasons. First, median incomes have been historically rising, meaning that more individuals can afford elective procedures. Additionally, there has been an expansion of dental insurance plans that cover portions of cosmetic procedures, which can reduce the overall cost. Furthermore, people are increasingly able to take out payment plans, allowing cosmetic services to be paid over a year or two. In fact, may practices offer short-term, interest-free payments on major services.

Medical Science.

The simple fact that medical science continues to improve means cosmetic dentistry is becoming more popular. There are two ways that medical science contributes to this. First, dental advancements have made procedures less complicated and costly. Additionally, research is increasingly finding connections between oral health and other aspects. Repairing damaged teeth or bites can result in decreased headaches, reduced risk for other health problems, and make it more likely that other teeth can be saved. Overall, the reality is that there are many reasons why people pursue cosmetic dentistry. The most common is perhaps the desire for a beautiful smile. However, other reasons deal with improvements in medical science, affordability, the desire for a better bite structure, and the simple reality that teeth age over time. With many varied reasons for looking into cosmetic dentistry, it is likely that this industry will continue to grow over time as more people will continue to want—or need—cosmetic and restorative procedures. In many ways, cosmetic dentistry is becoming as common and accepted as traditional dentistry.


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