ADU or as we call it accessory dwelling unit, is a relatively smaller house or separate room next to your main house. These dwelling units were prevalent back in the day and have fallen out of favor over the years.

Fairly recently, they have made a comeback with much improved versions of it. Usually, these dwelling units are built next to the house in the form of Garage, a miniscule-sized house in the backyard, granny flats, a basement apartment and others. Legally speaking, these small dwelling units are a part of the main building and cannot be sold off or bought separately as one thinks it can. So, the person who owns the main house is also the owner of these small dwelling units.

In this article, we would be dwelling upon the reasons why you should build ADU Construction next to your primary houses.

Top Reasons to why you must build Accessory Dwelling Units

There are several reasons why these ADUs are becoming hot commodities after being pushed to the side for so long and these reasons will be dealt with in the following points.

  1. For renting purposes/supplementing the main income through ADUs

A lot of owners build or construct these ADUs so they can lease them to someone. This is usually opted when someone wants to  supplement their regular income by having some sort of passive income. Since the ownership rights don’t get transferred to the one these dwelling units are rented to, it is safe to say this can bring some penny to the table.

  1. To host guests or family members

Another reason why homeowners have these extra dwelling units constructed next to their houses is that guests can be shifted in here or members who wish to live separately but not far-off from their family can move to these units. Since these are just a few steps away from the house, it can prove to be beneficial for the kids whose exams are approaching, they can prepare for the same without much hustle.

At times, your house proves to be lacking in a few inexplicable ways and for obvious reasons you can’t let guests stay with you for more than 2-3 days. In such cases, these dwelling units can be of a huge benefit as you can shift your guests to these mini homes without troubling anyone.

  1. Kids/Teens fun place

Kids are bound to get bored by living in the same monotonous house and they may express their desire to experiment with the house they live in. Some may opt for the construction of tree houses(which have proven to be deadly as it is built up high), others may go for ADU constructions. Teens can invite their friends over to their place and live however they want, even their families can join them in their small dwelling units. These units are easily monitored too, all the more reason to opt for one.

  1. For living(rare scenario)/emergency ones

Renovation of houses is an inevitable scenario and you cannot just get shot of it. In such cases, instead of hunting for spaces where you can live in the meanwhile, having an ADU where you can stay for as long as the house is undergoing renovations sounds good. Shift to that vacant space and once the renovation is done, one can shift back to their main house.

It goes without saying that building an accessory dwelling unit or ADU is like an investment for the better and has huge value attached to it as discussed above.

The Bottom Line

This article probed deeper into the ADU or accessory dwelling units and how it is beneficial to the homeowners. These have made an acutely fierce comeback and for all the good reasons. The article also discussed the reasons why one(homeowner) should opt for these small venues next to/infront of their primary accommodative spaces. One can weigh these reasons up and decide on what works out the best for them. If you are looking for some extra space and don’t want to bother anyone with your needs, building such small houses for emergency purposes sounds much more pragmatic.


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