If you’re a regular golfer, you’ve probably seen or partnered with someone who played with custom printed golf balls of one sort or the other. They may have contained the name of the player’s company, their initials, the name of a charitable organization, or some other insignia or lettering that made their golf balls unmistakably unique. If you didn’t ask, you may have wondered: Why would someone custom print their golf balls? Let’s look at a five very good reasons.

Easy to Recognize – Easy to Find

Let’s first talk about the one experience that bonds all golfers regardless of ability or age. Lost golf balls. No matter how good you are or how straight you hit, a shot is eventually going to get away from you and head straight for the thick rough, the tree line, or that pesky patch of dense clover in the second cut of the fairway.

When that happens, you know the drill. Your partner, and maybe others, all make a beeline for the place your ball was last seen. Some circle their carts frantically, staring down at soft ground, thick bushes, and tree trunks. Others abandon their carts altogether and pace back and forth, hoping to glimpse something small, white, and round staring back at them. By now, the group behind you has arrived at the tee. Eventually, someone finds a ball that turns out not to be yours. Feeling pressed, you pull a new ball from your bag and hit away. You climb back into your cart, and the nagging thought of the brand new, high-end ball you’ve just abandoned follows you down the fairway.

Custom printing can help bring a happy ending to the lost ball drill. Balls marked with something bright, unique, and unmistakably yours stand out – even in a thick bush or soggy mud. Think about it: Searching for a ball that’s undeniably yours is light years easier than looking for one that’s just like all the others hiding out there. You may also be influenced by knowing that the amount of permitted for finding a lost ball has now officially been reduced from 5 to 3 minutes!

It Can Be All About You

Custom printed balls make a statement about you. They not only tell others who you are. They say a lot about your style, humor, and interests. If you want to make a statement, make one. If you want to express your sense of humor, do it. You can even say something great about your family or job. You can express yourself in a way that may open up conversations that lead to lasting friendships, business acquaintances, or regular playing partners. You just never know what a well personalized golf ball can do.

Show Your Support

Do you have a charity or cause you feel strongly about? A custom printed golf ball is a great way to spread the word. You just never know. Fellow golfers may have had an interest in supporting your charity or cause for some time, but haven’t met the right person or been presented with the right opportunity. You may be opening up a whole new relationship that will benefit not only your charity or group, but the newly introduced person as well. You may be planting the seeds for future fruit-bearing questions or conversations. Give your cause a boost with custom printing.

Promote Your Business

Custom printed golf balls are an excellent way to spread branding information about your company – whether it’s a brand new start-up or long-standing community pillar. Show up at the course with your company’s logo or name on your ball and conversations are bound to start. Hosting a company event or holiday golf tournament and need more ideas for awards? Customized, company-branded golf balls are a first rate award that almost anyone can appreciate and use.

Gift the Gift of Golf

Do you have a golfer in your family, or is a friend an avid hacker? A custom printed golf ball can be a wonderful way to show how much they mean to you and how much you’re interested in their interests. If your son or daughter loves the game, could there be a better Christmas stocking stuffer than a pack of golf balls personalized with their name, picture, or whatever they may hold near and dear. Is a birthday on the horizon? Personalized golf balls not only recognize the recipient’s love for the game, but show you took the time and effort to pick out something special, just for them. The bottom line is that it’s hard to go wrong when you give custom printed golf balls to a golf lover.

So Go Forth and Custom Print Those Golf Balls

So, there you have it. Five great reasons to choose custom printed golf balls the next time you buy golf supplies for you or someone else. You can’t go wrong buying printed balls for your own use, because you’ll find your lost balls easier, say something about yourself, or make that statement about your business or favorite charity you’ve been wanting to make. You also can’t beat printed golf balls when you’re looking for that just right award for a special event or competition, or that perfect gift for the golf enthusiast in your life.

And when you’re looking for that one right place to do your custom golf ball printing, whether it’s custom logos, personalized messages, or even promotional golf balls BrandMe is the place you need to go. They’re the experts in golf ball customization, and can fit your custom golf ball printing to a tee!


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