Believe it or not – when you’re charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI) in Rome NY, you’re about to face a rough road ahead.

Remember, DWI is a serious criminal offense and going to court without an attorney can really be a bad idea. It’s imperative to find the best one in town and get prepared to win the case.

Here are five reasons why you should hire an attorney when charged with DWI in Rome, New York.

1. Legal Experience and Expertise

A DWI lawyer understands very well the state DWI laws. They also have valuable years of experience on how to fight with these laws against the other party.

After all, it’s nearly impossible for an average person like you to have the same level of knowledge. And what’s important is that when you’re dealing with DWI charges, you need this legal experience and expertise to obtain a judgment in your favor.

Moreover, an attorney specializing in these cases can explain the short-term and long-term consequences of having one on your record.

  • When it comes to taking your case to trial, the lawyer you hire will conduct thorough research and get ready for representing your rights in court.
  • They will also have access to expert witnesses who can help you win the case and clear your name of any criminal record.
  • They likely have experience in working with these witnesses before; therefore you can get the most out of them for your situation.

2. Presentation and Refutation of Evidence

A qualified attorney will not only submit evidence on your behalf, but they will also look for faulty information and refute the prosecution’s evidence to improve your chances of winning the case.

As a legal practitioner, you can assure that they will not take the other party’s evidence at face value and determine whether there are issues concerning the validity of the evidence. On the other hand, a good DWI attorney like the ones at can preserve the pieces of evidence that may help you with this serious charge.

That said, it’s best if you hire one right away so no evidence will be destroyed.

3. Staying Out of Jail or Reduction of Sentence

When you’re convicted with a DWI/DUI offense, prison time is a usual form of punishment you have to take. However, no one, even you, wants to go to jail for a specific period of time. Thus, if you’re looking to stay out of it, it’s essential that you get a lawyer on your own who can handle your case in court.

While you may not avoid the possibility of jail time in some cases, working with an experienced attorney can increase your chances of having a reduction of your sentence and the fees you owe as a result of a DWI conviction.
Protection of Driver’s License

4. Protection of Driver’s License

The suspension or revocation of your driver’s license is one of the mandatory penalties in a DWI case. This punishment can make it hard to get to work and other places you want to be.

If your occupation is a driver, the suspension of your license will hinder you from earning money for your family. However, hiring a lawyer who represents you can make a huge difference. Using their knowledge, resources, and connections, you may be able to protect your license and get it back by filing the right petitions in court.

5. Giving Yourself The Best Advantage

In a DWI case, the prosecution will undoubtedly get the best team of lawyers who will defend their rights. That in mind, you should also give yourself that same level of advantage.

Ideally, they will always be there to protect you. Even if you believe you’ll be fairly treated in court, you don’t want to be labeled as guilty before given the opportunity to be heard. That’s where a lawyer comes in as they will make sure you don’t get that label right away.

They’ll do their best to fight for your interests by maintaining your voice in all court proceedings. Work with the best attorney in Rome, NY so they can protect and give you the best advantage.


There’s no easy way to deal with a DWI charge. With its legal consequences, you may find it difficult to represent yourself in court without an attorney. Be sure to keep these reasons in mind and assess whether you should get yourself legally represented. Many attorneys in Rome, NY are always available to help you.


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