Electric personal transportation devices can come in all shapes and sizes. The industry is continually developing new methods of riding as well as new designs for older forms of private transportation like bikes and skateboards. With the rise of new technologies and different types of personal transportation, it comes as no surprise that some of these new battery-powered skateboards and scooters can save you time and money.

If you are curious about the different examples of electric personal transportation devices we’ll be referencing, this source provides excellent examples of electric skateboards that fall under this category. Whether it is a skateboard or segway, there are five reasons why getting one of these devices will make your life easier.

1 – No Sweat

If you are an avid bicyclist, you may find this reason especially appealing.

Conventional forms of personal transportation that require pushing or another type of physical exertion, such as bike riding, can feel amazing. Not only are you avoiding using a car to travel but also you get to spend some time in the fresh air. However, if you need to be at a professional event or a function that may require you to be presentable, it is frustrating that you have to break a sweat to bike there.

The upgrade to an electric option allows you to enjoy the same benefits of personal transportation through small means, without the need for you to put in the rigorous effort.

2 – Drive Less

One of the most important reasons for switching to these battery-powered devices is that you can transport yourself without needing a car. You not only help the environment but also save yourself wasting money on an expensive investment that only degrades in value as soon as you drive it off the lot.

If you have an electric scooter or bike, you can often travel a couple of miles without having to worry about battery life. In a situation where you would need to charge a battery at the second location, you can still commute to work, a university, or close to home with ease.

3 – No Public Transportation

These devices also improve transportation conditions is in dense urban areas. If you live in a city with no car, then often public transportation may be your only option for traveling across the city. With the investment of an electric skateboard, you could save yourself a bus fare or a subway card. So even if the cost of electric skateboards may seem steep at first glance, it eventually pays off over time. Plus, you also can eliminate the scheduling conflicts that can come by relying on public transportation.

4 – No Parking Space

Although this reason may align closely with the last two, it is still worth mentioning. The ability to arrive at any location or area and not need to search for parking or fight to get a spot on the street is reason enough to make this list. If it is at your college, work, or apartment, trying to find a place in a garage or along the street can be one of the most frustrating parts of anyone’s day. The technology and ease of these devices will eliminate that problem.

5 – Easy to Own

The final reason these electric personal transportation devices are worth the switch is the fact that they take up no space and require little to no care. With most having ratings for rough conditions, you can use and abuse this device without worrying about repairs or extra replacement parts. That, in addition to it being easy to store in a closet or any room, makes it a fantastic item to get for a small apartment.

Final Thoughts

Although the first investment for one of these devices may seem steep, the payoff of having one ultimately outweighs the cost. You will find you have more space, more freedom to move around your area, and fewer costs when considering your transportation.

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