Gone are the days when compression gear was only available to professional athletes as a way to speed up post-injury recovery times. It has been years since non-professional sports enthusiasts, and even recreationists first embraced compression wraps, especially ankle sleeves and socks. So, why should you wear one if you are not a pro athlete? Let’s see!

#1 Faster Recovery

Perhaps the most obvious reason you would need a compression wrap is when you have torn or damaged your ankle ligament and Achilles tendon. Or, if you have problems with the arch of your foot. Compression is a must-apply method to manage the swelling following an injury to the foot. If you are experiencing muscle soreness, the enhanced circulation effects and compression of the wrap will help remove lactic build-up and alleviate pain.

#2 Improved Blood Circulation

Compression methods were initially introduced in the medical world to help with blood circulation to alleviate vein disease. By getting yourself a compression wrap, you will be boosting your blood flow, and the levels of oxygenation in your blood will increase.

#3 Improved Proprioception

Proprioception is the ability of your body to “be aware” in the space surrounding it. Through receptors in the skin, muscles, and joints, you understand when you are lifting an arm or are about to hit your leg. With compression wraps, you can improve that sensitivity and increase your awareness. This, in turn, will improve your posture and stability.

#4 Protection During Sports Activities

If you are hiking in the mountains, for example, compression gear will protect you from abrasions and scratches. That way, you will also avoid wondering how to wrap ankle swelling following an injury. With an ankle wrap, you will be preventing it from happening in the first place.

#5 Airline Travel

Almost everybody loves traveling, but not many enjoy the stiffness that comes from sitting in an airplane for a long period. Compression helps in alleviating blood pooling in your feet, which is not just important to keep swelling away, but it is especially vital for people with higher risks of developing blood clots. In other words, compression gear is a great preventive measure.

#6 Keep Dirt Out

No matter if you are an avid walker or you love running, compression wraps will ensure no dirt goes into your shoes and onto your skin. If you are into marathons, that will just be a side benefit to keeping your feet from excessive swelling, which is inevitable if you aren’t wearing a compression sleeve. The reasons why you should have a compression ankle wrap in your wardrobe are many, and they all have undoubted positive health effects. If you are an active person practicing different sports, compression is an efficient way to prevent injuries and provide extra support during running, walking, and hiking. Even if your lifestyle is not too active, you can use ankle support when you have to stay on your feet for long periods. Those with a potential risk of developing blood clots in their circulatory system should also consider compression wraps. 

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