The last few years have seen truck accidents rise in the United States. Data suggests that the number of fatalities from truck-related accidents is growing drastically. Studies from 2019 show that more nearly 5000 people lost their lives from truck accidents. This is 51% more than the fatalities trucking accidents caused in 2018!

Many experts have pointed out why truck accidents are far more dangerous than car accidents. While we know that the extent of injuries and fatalities is much more, we need to understand the causes that make truck accidents more dangerous. In this article, we are going to list down some important factors that we feel make truck accidents more dangerous than car accidents. 

Before we get to the list of causes, it would be worthwhile to first discuss some causes that lead to trucking accidents. Additionally, we are also going to compile a list of the injuries that individuals might experience if they have been involved in a truck accident. We speak to one of Atlanta’s leading truck wreck lawyer, to help compile the points in the article. 

Leading Causes of truck Accidents in the United States: By Legal Experts

In this section, we are going to briefly outline some of the major causes of truck accidents- 

  1. Fatigued Drivers– Trucking companies have on several fronts been found to overwork their drivers and machines. Quick deadlines, months on the road, and poor maintenance of workers lead to fatigue and tiredness. Drivers falling asleep is a major cause of accidents. Lack of rest makes their driving reflexes slower and causes accidents. 
  2. Intoxicated Drivers– The use of alcohol and other banned contraband substances is on the rise among truck drivers. While this might be something that helps them carry on with the activities of driving, it makes them fall asleep or distracts them from following all the rules and regulations of the road. In most instances, this leads to accidents. 
  3. Poorly Maintained Trucks– Servicing and ensuring that the truck as a vehicle is safe is not done by most trucking companies. Apart from not finding the time (as they are on the road all the time), the costs for the same are huge. This means worn-out tires, faded brake pads, and other mechanical failures are more common than you might think. 
  4. Speeding Trucks- We mentioned how truck drivers are always pressed when it comes to deadlines. This makes them drive rashly and engage in over-speeding to make the deadlines. This is one of the most common causes of truck accidents. Speeding compromises, the mechanical integrity of the vehicle and makes the driver lose control. 

Truck accidents can lead to serious to life-threatening injuries. Some of the most common ones that have been seen and witnessed are the following- 

  1. Brain Injuries
  2. Spinal Cord Injuries
  3. Fractures and Crushed Bones
  4. Fires and Burn Injuries
  5. Organ Damage 
  6. Internal Bleeding
  7. Nerve Damage 

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This means that an individual who has been a victim of a truck accident can suffer from a long list of medical bills, lose their salary and incur other personal and professional damages. 

List of 5 Reasons why Truck Accidents are more Dangerous than Car Accidents

  1. The Sheer Weight of the Trucks- 

Trucks can weigh anywhere from a few tons to over fifty tons. You need to understand the importance of the weight in terms of the impact it can have. Lesser weight means that the impact will also be below. While there are weight regulations that trucking companies need to follow, in most instances, it has been found that they brazenly violate the same. 

  1. The Kind of Load and Cargo Trucks Carry- 

You must have seen trucks carrying other heavy vehicles like cranes, tractors, and automobiles. You might have also seen them carry huge logs and fuel. In some truck accident cases, it is the cargo that gets unloaded under impact and ends up causing injuries to innocent car passengers and pedestrians. Fuel leaks and accidents can cause blasts and fires on the road. 

  1. The Limitations of Manoeuvrability- 

As compared to cars, trucks are not as maneuverable. This means that everything from braking prowess to turning radiuses and shorter and limited. This prevents truck drivers from taking quick decisions or stopping their vehicles on a dime. Split-second decision-making on the road behind the wheel of a truck is not possible. The problem of maneuverability causes accidents. 

  1. The Problems of Blind Spots- 

Unlike normal cars and passenger vehicles that have a looking glass at the rear, trucks have containers or cargo. In other words, it is very difficult for truck drivers to assess what is directly behind their vehicles. The presence of many blind spots is a leading cause of truck accidents in the United States. Drivers that are passing need to be conscious of staying clear of blind spots. 

  1. The Issue of Night Driving and Stationary Parking- 

Truck drivers have to drive their heavy vehicles during night hours as well. This means that in terms of visibility, they become dangerous as other vehicles are not able to spot them. Sometimes, they take washroom breaks by parking the trucks at the side of the road. This might cause incoming traffic from crashing into parked trucks and leading to dangerous accidents. 

The Final Word

 In this article, we have looked at some of the most important aspects of trucking accidents. We have evaluated the causes of truck accidents, looked at some probable injuries that are suffered, and discussed reasons why truck accidents are far more dangerous than car accidents. 

Choosing the right truck accident lawyer can help you get fair and just compensation for your losses. A truck accident lawsuit requires the intervention of an experienced attorney that can take the fight to truck and insurance companies. The aim is to gain compensation. 

If you would like us to address any other issues on the subject, or are looking to hire a truck accident lawyer to represent you, please reach out to us in the comments section below. We will be more than happy to help you with your best truck accident lawyer selection. 

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