Workout results might mean different to different people. We have all different reasons to workout, hence making the expected result different for different people. While some people opt for healthy workouts for a healthy body someone else could be working out intensely to lose weight. Irrespective of what our expectations are from our workouts, it’s pretty depressing to not see the right results. This is just obvious to expect the right changes when we are putting effort into something. Be it our workouts or any other activity we do; we do it with an expectation in our minds. It is important that we stick to the healthy ways to transform our bodies.

If your goal is to change your body composition (Lose weight or gain mass), you must be already working out really hard on it. It so happens to a lot of people that they don’t see the results they have in mind. Situations like these can be pretty frustrating. One might feel discouraged to work for his/her fitness goals any further. I am not blaming it on them. Social media today, plays a major role in shaping most things we do. The digital world seems very confusing with varied tips from numerous influencers. So if you are someone who recently had a meltdown because of the adverse results of your workouts, you are in the right article.

The results of your workouts are actually influenced by a lot of factors. Some very general like food and workouts while some as complex as your genetics. Doctors have claimed that factors like sleep and protein intake play a major role in shaping our workout results. Factors like your hormone, genetics , stress can play a major role in influencing how fast your results show. It is not impossible to see the results, but they can be slowed down because of these results. Which as discussed above, can be pretty frustrating. It is also important that you set attainable goals for yourself, considering your fitness history and capacity. If that is not the case presently you might have to change to more attainable goals. At times I have noticed that people miss out the basics of workouts, causing more confusion. It is the case with most people, that they don’t understand the equation of food and workout.

I am listing down the 3 major reasons your workouts don’t show the results you expect:

1. You have missed the calorie-deficit / Calorie-excess equation –

For explanatory purposes, let’s assume you are trying to lose weight. Your body has an excess amount of stored fat presently, hence making you have extra weight. “By burning” up you are technically burning this fat that is stored in your body. That’s how you lose it. There are 2 ways to go about it. One is, taking lesser calories so that body uses up the already stored fat for functioning. Two is, burning them up in your workout. How your body looks is majorly your diet and comparatively less dependent on your workouts and genetics. The misunderstanding of calorie counting is one of the major reasons your workouts are not showing the right results. It is simple, if you want to increase your present weight you will have to give your body more calories than it presently has.

not doing it with the right intensity2. You are probably not doing it with the right intensity –

Yes, this could be another reason you aren’t seeing your expected results. You might assume that hitting the gym irrespective of the intensity is a good enough reason for the changes to happen. But try thinking of it like this, nothing has ideally changed for your body. It still pumps the same amount of blood and consumes the same amount of energy to function. The right changes in your body start showing up when it is put into the right amount of pressure. You might ask how to know if you are having a functional workout regime, it’s simple. You will feel the pain like the changes in your heartbeat and your breathing. A personal suggestion here would be to listen to your body more closely. While it is crucial that your workouts should be intense it is also important to know where to do the line.

3. You don’t do variations-

A human body is a lot like the human containing it. The body gets inactive when it is made to follow a repeated act. It needs more action and variations to be alert. If you are someone who has been following the same workout regime for a while now, you are probably doing it wrong. The regime is like routine work for your body now, it doesn’t have to put effort anymore. It has become adept to the routine and hence become resistant to the regime. In this state, your body doesn’t heat up enough for the changes to happen. I certainly appreciate people for their sincerity in repeating the same regime for years. But these are not the ideal conditions for changes to happen. Once you include more variations in your workout, it shocks your body to the core. Your body tries harder to adapt to the new regimes, hence heating itself up. This process of adapting to new regimes is what brings in the change in your body. The breathing changes and so does the muscle breakdowns.

Not getting the right results from your workouts can be frustrating, but not reason enough to stop altogether. When you put an effort in the gym, it might not show clearly on the outside but there are good changes happening inside. Never stop putting effort into your workouts, because you have already come to a point where most people don’t. Never stop learning and trying in life. Tell us about your own fitness journey and how a certain habit helped in your body transformations.

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