Brain injuries are considered to be one of the costliest and traumatic injuries that can happen to someone, and it is life-threatening as well. The least we can say is that they are incredibly critical cases and complex. Those suffering from a brain injury can have a massive set back in their life. Your brain is what makes you different from the rest of the species. Being the centre of consciousness, the brain of a human body has many vital functions as well. Perception, intuition, sensation, responsiveness, emotions, everything is produced by the brain. That’s why it is essential for all of us to keep our brain healthy for the right flow of brain signals to send it across our body. If not, then it can result in devastating behavioural, cognitive, as well as emotional problems. Some of the catastrophic examples are schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, short-term memory loss, and more. 

For those who have suffered from brain injuries can now receive compensation to treat their short, as well as, long terms need. One of the most common causes of brain injury is, unfortunately, accidents. 

If you are worried for yourself or for someone you know who has suffered the unavoidable brain injury, then you must think about a brain injury lawyer in the first place because you can benefit a lot from that. Let’s first start by knowing the different causes of brain injury. 

Car accidents 

Car accidents can happen because of anyone’s fault or no fault at all. Although we can try to avoid car accidents, when it happens, it might be left with traumatic brain injury. If you get into a car accident because of the recklessness of another driver, then he or she can be held accountable for this car accident. 

Truck accidents

Trucks, as we all know, are vast and immense, and that’s why it is recommended to approach them with caution. Truck accidents can have dire consequences on the brain. If you are hit by a truck while trying to cross the road, or if the truck hit your car and injured your brain, then the truck driving company can be held liable in this case. 

Bike or Motorcycle accidents 

Motorcycle and bike accidents are not uncommon as well. If hit with by a car, truck, lap post, and more, you can severely injure your brain too. For this case, the person who is responsible for the accident and whose negligence led to this issue can be held accountable. 

Slip-and Fall accident 

Slip-and-fall accidents may happen when you are at a restaurant, club, or at a bar. However, no one goes to these places, thinking they are susceptible to brain injury. These places should always make sure that they provide a secure and safe place for people who are visiting them to enjoy. If you get into a slip-and-fall accident, which causes brain injury, then the restaurant owner or the place you have visited can be held liable for this accident. 

Dog Bite injuries

Dog owners are mostly aware that they must keep their dogs under control. However, there are a few of them, who will let their aggressive dogs go out, and when they attack, the person being attacked, hardly gets any time to react and defend. In case the dog bite does lead to brain damage, then the dog owner must be held liable for such an accident. 

Workplace accidents 

Every workplace should ensure that they provide a highly secure place for all employees. Workplace accidents, although not common, may happen when you are least expecting it. If you suffer from a workplace accident, then you can take legal action against the company. 

Brain injury can have many complications; you may have a persistent headache, which may become worse in no time. You may vomit, feeling nausea, fatigue, drowsiness, loss of balance, dizziness, difficulty in sleeping, memory issues, trouble concentrating, profound confused state of mind, anxiety, and so on. It is always recommended to visit a doctor right after an injury to make sure that you don’t have any brain injury. These symptoms can escalate, making you feel worse. 

Benefits of hiring a brain injury lawyer in Newport Beach 

A brain injury lawyer can compile evidence that will support your claim. They can also secure medical expert testimony as well, in case required. Other than that, they build a robust case and present it to the insurance companies or court. A brain injury lawyer is a specialised lawyer who will fight for your maximum compensation. Hiring a brain injury lawyer here at Newport Beach will help you receive the compensation that you deserve. If you are injured or anyone you know might have gone through a tragic accident, then contact a specialised legal counsellor. 


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