These day’s massive numbers of people are collecting the most memorable events in their life like weddings, college events, family members, etc by capturing photos and videos. They use digital camera for taking photos and then stored as a backup in their laptops. Sometimes the pictures may get erased from laptop due to different reasons. At that time, most of the people think whether it is possible to get back deleted photos. If yes it is actually possible to recover deleted photos from Laptop easily and quickly.

How photos get deleted from laptop

The photos may get deleted from the computer due to various reasons. While removing the unnecessary data from the laptop the person might accidentally delete the valuable photos by using the Shift + Delete keys. The accidental deletion may be the common scenario which makes you to lose pictures from the laptop.

Some vital pictures may by mistakenly delete when you are erasing useless photos in bulk. As well as the images from the laptop get deleted due to harmful virus infections. The human errors may also effect in removal of pictures from the computer. Or by reformatting the hard drive you leads to data loss.

Get back your deleted photos quickly

There are many ways to get back deleted photos from the laptops such as recycle bin and backup. But an easy and simple way to recover deleted picture from Laptop is by using the recovery software. Due to the rapid development of software technology, there are plenty of recovery software’s are available such as Recoverit data recovery, Remo recovery, and many others which can aid you to retrieve deleted photos with affecting the original data.

All the deleted photos recovery software is a powerful tool so you can retrieve your deleted pictures easily and fastly. In the below section get more details about the Recoverit window software tool.

About Recoverit Data recovery

There are many software are available but Recoverit Data recovery software is the most recommended and suitable photo recovery by the professionals to restore erased photos from the laptop. It is the user friendly and has advanced algorithms to retrieve deleted pictures from the laptop. It aids you to restore different file formats like JPEG, GIF, DCR, BMP, RAW, SVG, etc.

This software also used to retrieve deleted videos, files and photos from the laptop. It supports all the Windows OS such as Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, etc. In addition to that it supports data recovery from internal & external hard drives, USB drives, pen drives, memory card and many other storage devices.

It saves your time so you can bring back your deleted photos from the laptops within few easy steps. The data recovery for Mac software is also available so you can make use of it to recover deleted photos from Mac.

Features of Recoverit Data recovery

  • It is safe, fast and secure recover software to retrieve deleted pictures from laptop
  • Supports all the picture file formats
  • Compatible will the entire main brands of Windows OS laptops
  • You can retrieve erased photos from memory card, laptop, and camera safely and quickly

Steps to get back deleted photos from laptop using Recoverit

Here you will get how to recover deleted photos by using Recoverit software

  • First download and install the software on your laptop
  • Then select the data recovery mode
  • Select a location and click next to start scanning process
  • Scan again with all round recovery
  • Now preview retrieved photos and save it

Tips to avoid photo loss

Below given are the tips to avoid photo loss from the laptop:

  • Backup your data
  • Download and install antivirus software and keep it updated
  • Beware of human errors
  • Safeguard your computer
  • Pre-empt failure

By using these tips you can able to avoid picture loss permanently from the laptop.


Accidently erased your vital photos from the laptop? Then don’t panic. Read the above given article to recover your deleted photos permanently. The deleted photos recovery        software will help you to get back your erased pictures from the computer easily and quickly.