Herpes, with the code 437737 is a common STD among certain people. However, it does not stop people from falling in love or enjoying profitable relationships among lovers. Are you wondering if it is safe to date someone with herpes? Yeah. There are little to no worries at all. All that you should do is to know and get your facts right. So, here are six relationship facts to know when you have herpes.

You can code the term:

You don’t have to say what issues you have all the time by typing out the words that might mildly hurt you. Using 437737 to communicate the issue with your partner makes it feel lighter. This code is used to test if a person is aware of this health situation when you are just trying to get together. Someone who knows what the code is likely to be more understanding to move ahead. When chatting, the number code can keep your secret with your lover from prying eyes who may happen to stumble on your chats.

Can Protection help?

To avoid outbreak or the transference of the 437737 to your lover, always use protection, especially when you feel unstable. Latex condoms can reduce infection risks up to 50%.

Are there conditions for sex?

While herpes does not stop you from having sex, it is better to be mindful of the symptoms before you engage in sex. During an outbreak, the herpes virus can be easily transferred to your partner; hence, be cautious. The best prevention of the virus transference is to abstain from sex during an outbreak.

Medication will become a norm:

But in a good way. Since staying healthy is important and to enjoy the relationship, outbreaks are meant to be suppressed to the minimum. This can only happen by using medications. The daily antiviral can suppress the virus and asymptomatic shedding. Antivirus medication can also reduce the risk of transmission.

Your Partner may be skeptical:

It is normal to see symptoms of skepticism from your partner. You can ask yourself, if the reverse were to be the case, wouldn’t you have held your skepticism at arm’s length too? So, you may give them time to think about it and to decide if their emotion is strong enough to be with you.

Rejections are possible:

Since we are talking about facts, it is possible that someone whom you’ve had eyes for, or whom you are already going out with may say they are no more interested. While you should remain positive about them loving you nonetheless, don’t rule out the possibility of rejection.

Oral sex is not safe:

It can be transmitted through oral sex because the mouth contains mucous membranes. HSV 2 or HSV 1 can be contracted during oral sex. The mere contact of your partner’s mouth with your genital area (if you have genital herpes) can cause the transmission of the virus to them.

In conclusion, dating with herpes is possible. Normal life activities can move on; however, partners may be sometimes skeptical. More care would only be paid to making contacts and sex, and this can be regulated with medications.

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