What’s better than a game that lets you drool over exceptional art while pumping your adrenaline at the same time? Nothing? Well, you’ve got that wrong as the only thing better than that is the chance to play it. So jump into the renaissance era and give Da Vinci slots a try on none other than Bucky Bingo.

With its design, the game has paid a fantastic tribute to Leonardo Da Vinci. Beyond that, it offers an RTP rate of 95%.

Basic Features

From a technical point of view, it’s not very different from other slot games, but what does set it apart from the rest is its exquisite design and smooth operation.

The way it’s played is again, not worlds apart from other slots, but its generous awards and straightforward approach are the two words that describe its identity in the gaming world.

In this game, you first set the coin value, then bet a certain amount of coins before spinning away. That’s it.

In addition, if you are not ready to take the risk, you also get to enjoy the feature of virtual coins, which would give you a taste of the game before even investing real money.

Moreover, The pay lines are also fixed, which eliminates the need to tackle it yourself.

The symbols in the game consist of seven paintings, Scatter and Wild symbols. Therefore, you won’t have to remember a lot of details to profit from this game while enjoying it at the same time.

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Tumbling Reels

This one highly resembles some puzzle games. Interestingly, the moment you hit the winning combo of three symbols, the combination vanishes and gets replaced by new symbols.

Free Spins

On getting three scatter symbols simultaneously, you will be rewarded with six free spins. You may also have a chance of winning more free spins by collecting more Scatter symbols. 

Theme & Design

The most interesting feature incorporated into the game is the fact that all the symbols are smaller versions of Da Vinci’s famous paintings. Among those is his famous painting “Mona Lisa”. The overall theme and design are so attractive that one may just want to play it for fun. Even if you don’t find yourself drawn to the paintings, the bonuses offered in it make it worth the while.

Bet Range

This one is not an easy deal for someone who’s skeptical about investing. Da Vinci Diamonds might not be the most affordable slot out there, but if you are ready to take the risk, you can win big too. The minimum bet you can make is £1 per coin.

In conclusion, Da Vinci Diamonds is a mix of quality and simplicity and has managed to come this far despite being a relatively old game. The theme, background music, bonus features make it an even more pleasant experience overall.

Whether you find it affordable or not, it is still worth a try due to its virtual coins option. You never know, it might give you a return higher than your expectations.

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