The kitchen and bathroom countertops determine the beauty of your kitchen or bathroom. When the countertops start looking dull and old with so many chips and cracks, you need to renew them. There are various ways to renew countertops to give them back their initial shine. Most of these methods are easy, and a DIY enthusiast can undertake them with ease. Even for the not-so-handy homeowners, hiring a professional to renew old laminate countertops will not cost as much as it would if you were to replace the countertops. This article covers how to renew countertops with ease.

How to Renew Countertops

Renew Old Laminate Countertops with Transform by Caesarstone

Transform by Caesarstone is a 13mm countertop overlay that gives your countertops a new clean look without the need for a replacement. The overlay is made of Caesarstone quartz, which is strong and durable. Instead of creams and polishes, Caesarstone quartz overlay lengthens the life of your countertops significantly. Even better, Transform comes ready to install – installation takes only a few professional hours. Check out Caesarstone to learn more about that.

See granite vs. quartz difference, Quarts is actually more difficult than granite and, as a result, more durable. Quartz is practically indestructible, and it’s simple to keep your countertops bacteria-free since it isn’t porous like granite.

Other Ways to Renew Laminate Countertops

Paste or Repair Pen:

If you only need to fix minor damages on the countertops, you can use a laminate repair paste or a repair pen that matches the color of your laminate countertop. Fill chips and cracks with the paste or pen without overfilling. Once filled, you will not sand the area as you might damage surrounding areas while at it. If all you need is to remove stains from your countertops, make a paste with baking soda and water, apply it on the stain and leave it for a few hours, then gently wipe off the paste with a towel. You can also try nail polish remover for stubborn stains.

Faux-Granite Paint:

Most homeowners consider faux granite as a way to renew laminate countertops. You will only need to use a sponge and dabbing motion to get the job done. Before you paint, clean the surface with water and soap. Wipe with denatured alcohol and leave the countertop to dry completely. Repair chips and cracks using two-part epoxy putty and let it dry completely. Apply an oil-based primer and leave it for at least four hours. Then apply three coats of the faux-granite paint. This will renew kitchen countertops to give them a fresh granite look. You can also sprinkle flakes of gold during the last layer of paint. After painting, apply at least two polyurethane topcoats.

Renew Kitchen Countertops Made from Granite

Countertops Made from Granite

Polishing Powder: If you need to seal minor chips and cracks on your granite countertops, you can do so using polishing powder. All you need to do is work the granite polish over the surface of the granite countertop in a circular motion. Before polishing, consider the color of your countertop. Polishing powders come in light and dark tones to let you renew kitchen countertops to match the original countertop color.

Polishing Cream: You can use stone polishing cream on engineered stone and natural granite. The cream seals chips and cracks on the granite countertop giving it a whole new look.

Faux-granite: Just like when you renew old laminate countertops, you can use faux-granite to renew countertops made of granite. The process is the same as above – clean the countertop, apply a primer, and apply three layers of the faux-granite paint. Lastly, apply at least two topcoats of acrylic polyurethane.

Renew Countertops in the Bathroom: Remember Waterproofness

Granite and laminate, among other countertops (except quartz) are porous and allow water to soak into them. If left unsealed, these countertops would allow in water, and they will develop stains. Worse yet, water that soaks into the countertops will make the countertop material weak. One of the steps on how to renew countertops is sealing the surface to keep porous countertops from staining. A sealer should be applied at least twice a year – you can apply more frequently if you realize that water does not form beads on the surface of the countertop.

Average Cost to Renew Countertops in the Bathroom and Kitchen

Countertops in the Bathroom

The cost of renewing countertops is determined by the extent of damages on them. For minor chips, scratches, and cracks, polishing powder or cream will work perfectly to give the countertop a new face. Besides the powder, you might decide to use granite paint, which will cost relatively higher. If you choose Transform by Caesarstone, the cost will be significantly higher by the results will be impressive and durable. You can renew old laminate countertops without the help of a professional – this will save you labor costs. However, even if you know how to renew countertops, you should let professionals install Transform by Caesarstone.

Tired of Having to Renew Countertops? Install Quartz Surfaces

Laminate, granite, ceramic tiles, and other countertops are susceptible to scratches, chips, staining, and heat damage. Instead of installing these countertops that need a lot of maintenance, install new Quartz surfaces, which will last significantly longer. Unlike other countertop materials, quartz is nonporous, making it stain resistant. It is also a hard mineral that resists scratches and damages as a result of heat – but do not expose it to heat for long.


Whether you need to renew laminate countertops or granite, the extent of the damage will dictate the method you use. However, it is always advisable to go with the method that protects your countertop for a long time – in this case; you can use Transform by Caesarstone. If you choose any other method, remember to seal the surface of your countertop to protect it from stains caused by water. Sealing also keeps bacteria away. Do the repairs you can to save on labor costs and outsource to a professional any tasks you cannot execute flawlessly.

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