If you’re in Canandaigua and you’re in the market for a new car, one of the first steps would be looking for a reliable car dealership to buy from. Finding the right car dealership can be challenging, especially when you think about the great offers they have. However, promotional deals might not necessarily mean reputable or reliable.

Here are five signs to know if you’re dealing with a reputable car dealership in Canandaigua:

1. Strong Online Presence

In this digital age, having an online presence is crucial to business success. Online presence is defined as pieces of collective information that can be found on the Internet. Look for car dealers with a strong online presence. If you want to know what a reputable car dealer’s website should look like, you can click here.

A car dealer with a strong online presence means that more than having a website, they also made an effort to effectively market their products online, create content around it, and interact with their audience through social media and other online channels. A strong online presence says a lot about their business as

More than going through their website, you should also look at their reviews on social media websites and forums. When you see a business responding constructively to negative reviews, it’s a tell-tale sign that they value their customers and are open for improvement. Additionally, it shows you that they treat their reputation both online and offline as something important.

2. Competent Salesperson

A reputable car dealership will allow customers to check out the vehicle inventory before a salesperson approaches them and try to negotiate a car deal. A competent salesperson should also possess the following qualities:

  • They will not change your mind to choose a different vehicle just because it’s more expensive.
  • They will be the only person you deal with you throughout the negotiation.
  • They don’t leave you hanging when you have a question about the vehicle.
  • They don’t make you feel uncomfortable and intimidated.

If you don’t see these qualities from the salesperson you’re dealing with, then you’re probably at the wrong car dealership. It’s easier for you to take your business elsewhere than to get pressured into buying a car.

3. Cooperative

The car dealership should be able to help you out with everything you need and cooperate with you every step of the way. One way to gauge their cooperation is when asking for service records. These records are essential to find out the vehicle’s history, including ownership. The car dealer should be able to provide you these documents easily, but if you see that they’re hesitating or trying to avoid the conversation, it’s a huge red flag, and they are probably hiding something.

They should also have no problem with you taking it in or bringing your mechanic with you to check the condition of the vehicle. A dodgy car dealership will not allow you to do this and will find ways to make it difficult for you.

4. History

Car dealerships that have been in business for a long time tend to be reputable. But, that’s not to say that newer businesses are not as reputable, they just don’t have an established name yet. The reason as to why it’s safer to buy a car from those that have been in the game for a long time is because of two things:

  • Expertise – The length that they’ve been selling cars has given them that certain level of expertise when it comes to maintaining vehicles, talking to customers, and providing the best deals.
  • Loyalty – Car dealerships won’t stay in business for a long time if they’re customers don’t trust them and patronize their products and services.

5. Promising Showroom

A reputable car dealer’s showroom doesn’t need to be big and flashy but it should at least be clean and organized. The cars should be lined up properly, and they should look like they’re being maintained. You don’t want to buy a car that has been in idle for a long time and collecting dust. More than their showroom appearance, look at the small things too such as their landscaping or if their windows are clean. It’s these tiny details that make up a reputable business.


Whether you’re buying a new or used car, you can never leave your investment to chance. Use the Internet to find a local car dealership in your area. Make sure that the sales professionals you deal with are competent and cooperative. Don’t let yourself get pressured into making a decision. Take your time to shop around and make sure to look for these five signs.

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